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Biology 09/01/2016

No description

Christopher Horras

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Biology 09/01/2016

September 1st, 2016
Class Activity 10
Bell Ringer
1) Identify the four different classes of lipids.

2) List at least one example for each of the four classes of lipids.

3) Describe how lipids are used by organisms.

4) Are lipids generally polar or non-polar?

5) Explain the difference between a saturated and an unsaturated fatty acid.

6) Draw the simple structure of a triglyceride.

7) Draw the simple structure of a phospholipid.

1) How do organisms primarily use carbohydrates?

2) What is the general term for a carbohydrate monomer?

3) What is the general term for a carbohydrate polymer?

4) Identify one example of a carbohydrate monomer.

5) Identify four examples of carbohydrate polymers.

6) Identify one example of a food that is composed primarily of carbohydrates.
Quiz 3 Discussion
Fun with Polymers!
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