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Citi Bike

No description

Selam Aberra

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Citi Bike

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Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats
Citi Bike needs to increase its two-way engagement. If the company uses our suggestions, we forecast a significant improvement in brand health.
Measurement Strategy
Promptly answer tweets from users
Reach out and leverage influencers

Channel Strategy
Bike-sharing system in NYC
332 stations; more than 6,000 bikes
Expansion into new neighborhoods
As Citi Bike grows, its social media engagement needs to be improved

Competitor and Industry Analysis
Phase 1: Inform
The measurement of this phase does not focus on the actual results of the initiative, but on its efforts
1. The number of times Citi Bike tweets and posts on Twitter and Instagram
2. The update frequency
Phase 2: Inspire

This phase includes interactions between Citi Bike and social media users. This measurement strategy shows how social media users respond to the PR initiative
Phase 2: Inspire Contd...

The number of:
Comments received
Favorites/likes, tweets/posts and retweets/shares
Measuring Owned Media

1. Websites:
The number of clicks and views before and after the initiative

2: Twitter & Instagram pages:
Phase 2: Inspire Contd.
Expected Followers

Tweets, retweets, comments and likes by influencers and company advocates
Phase 3: Engagement
The measurement of this highest level of interaction evaluates valuable business outcomes.
1. Sign-ups:
The number of sign-ups before, during and after the execution of our tactics
The relationship between the number of followers and the number of sign-ups
2. Satisfaction
Sentiment about:
Citi Bike
Key words associated with Citi Bike
Before, during and after the initiative
Monitoring and Tracking of Conversations
Tracked on Twitter—company’s most popular social media platform
Talking about recent CEO change, expansion plans→ positive
Some complaining on Twitter→ negative
Mechanics of the bikes
Docking problems
No bikes in area when needed
Demographics on Twitter
Those engaging are living in New York City and/or living in another major city.
Also a few tourists interacting in conversation.
Majority of the people seem to range in age from 20-40.
Gender Demographics Citi Bike: analyzing 1251 profiles from 2953 Twitter results
US States Demographics Citi Bike: analyzing 1178 profiles from 2953 Twitter results
Positive Tweets
Negative Tweets
The Problem
Citi Bike is not engaged with its audience
No tweets in response to people’s complaints and the voice of Citi Bike is only found on its own Twitter handle
Need for two-way engagement
People who are mentioning Citi Bike on social media are communicating through pictures
Develop Instagram as a stronger platform
Encourage users to post with the hashtag #CitiBike.
Contest where each entry could be linked to a promotion or giveaway to reward users for promoting their use of Citi Bike using #CitiBike
Would also create content that could be used in future advertisements and marketing materials

Increase the number of Citi Bike users by raising awareness about the company and its recent expansion in NYC

We aim to increase Citi Bike’s social media presence through:
Twitter: increase followers by 30 percent (21k to 30k)
Instagram: increase followers by 35 percent (3,320 to 5k)
Elevated share of voice in conversations regarding biking in NYC
Increase in favorable content (sentiment)
Increase in relationship with influencers and brand advocates

Engage with fans
Leverage influencers to build community
Build community

Paid Media
Place advertisements on Gothamist.com, the New York Times, etc.
Search engine optimization on Google, Yahoo, etc.
Display sponsored content and events on Twitter and Instagram

Owned Media
Interact with Citi Bike consumers on Twitter and Instagram
Retweet tweets and feature fan’s Instagram photos that used hashtag #CitiBike
Share news on Citi Bike’s expansion

Earned Media
Host Instagram contest for annual membership and encourage followers to post photos of themselves on Citi Bikes
Establish relationships with bloggers such as travelers, bike riders and previously mentioned influencers
Sponsor bike marathons in conjunction with Bike New York. Send press releases and pitch letters to reporters to attract media coverage of the event and sponsorship

Message/Content Strategy
Trendy transportation alternative
Convenient & reliable
Environmentally friendly
Alayna Shamy
Fengwei Jiang
Jia Chen
Laura Bonnema
Ruochen Cheng
Selam Aberra
Union Square Consulting Team
Industry Analysis

Bike and Roll

NYC competitor
Target market: Tourists
Offers tours and maps
Not Point A to Point B transportation
Fewer stations
Not 24 hours a day

Audience Segments

1. New Yorkers
Residents & Commuters
College Students

2. Tourists
Sightseeing stations
Citi Bike app

April Fool’s Day Kick Off
Phase 2: Inspire Contd...

Measuring Earned Media

1. Content Analysis:
The changes of favorable content before, during and after the initiative

2: Source Strength:

Number of influencers among followers
Number of tweets, retweets, comments and likes by influencers and company advocates
Measuring Paid Media

1. Gothamist.com, the New York Times, etc.:
Number of clicks on placed advertisements

2: Search engine optimization:
Measurement of search engine traffic: direct traffic, referral traffic and search traffic

3. Sponsored content and events
Number of clicks, likes, shares and new followers associated with recent sponsored content
Partner with existing partners, City Seats
Create whoopee cushion seat covers for the bikes and place covers on select bikes at popular docking stations
Three Citi Bike employees will be at each prank station
After the prank, one employee will go up to the customer and wish them a ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ and give them a card they can use that day for one free 30-minute ride
The card will read, “Warm weather is right around the corner and Citi Bike wants to help you celebrate your travels with a Share your Citi Bike moments with us on Twitter and Instagram.”

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