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Scatter Plot/Line of Best Fit

No description

Beatrice E

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Scatter Plot/Line of Best Fit

Scatter Graphs and Line of Best Fit
to complete the sentence regarding the expectations for the situation
Scatter graphs are used to show whether there is a relationship between two sets of data. The relationship between the data can be described as either:
Line of Best Fit
Line of best fit
can be drawn to data that shows a correlation. The stronger the correlation between the data, the easier it is to draw the line. The line can be drawn
by eye
and should have
same number
of data points on either side.
The students will:
determine whether the data has positive, negative, or no correlation
use graphing calculators to draw the line of best fit to show the trend in real-world data
determine the equation of the line of best fit in order to make predictions
1. The more one studies, their grades will _____.
2. The more a person diets, their weight will _____.
3. The longer one diets, the amount of weight loss will _____.
4. The more a person exercises, their fat mass will _____.
5. The more a person jumps rope, their heart rate will _____.
6. The more a class talks, the teacher's patience will _____.
7. The more a person reads, their vocabulary will _____.

Scatter Plots/Graphs
1. A
correlation: As one quantity
so does the other.
2. A
correlation: As one quantity
the other
correlation: Both quantities vary with no clear relationship.
Make a scatter plot of the data in the table. Describe the correlation of the data.
The scatter plot shows a positive correlation
Bird Populations
You have been asked to provide data about the population of red-cockaded woodpeckers in a part of a National Forest in Mississippi. This woodpecker's population has been declining around the state and the Governor wants to know whether or not the protected land of the National Forest has helped the woodpecker's population.
1. Describe the correlation of the data.
2. If so, what does it mean?
3. What can you tell the Governor?
4. How many active clusters were there in June 1993?
5. What is the equation of the line of best fit?
6. Predict the active clusters by year by 2014?
Calculator Activity
1. Enter the data in the calculator lists.
Place the data in
Years Since 1990 (2,3,4, etc.)
Active Clusters
STAT #1 Edit
,type values into the lists
2. Set up for the scatter plot
2nd StatPlot
Choose the first Plot, turn ON
Choose first icon
3. Determine the line of best fit

Calc #4
(LinReg [ax+b])
4. Graph the line of best fit. Hit
Group Work
Independent Practice
Page 259-261 (Selected Problems) Algebra 1 Glencoe
Choose 1 problem to answer from higher order thinking skills page 252 #13-16
Complete Worksheet
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