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Copy of Overview - Department of Administration and Finance (A&F)

No description

Chantale Wong

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Overview - Department of Administration and Finance (A&F)

Department of Administration and Finance
A&F drives MCC's world-class organizational
effectiveness by collaborating with our partners to:
Departmental Vision
Who is A&F?
Optimize flexibility
Improve efficiency
Deliver quality results
Matthew Bohn
Vice President
Security and Office Services
Financial Management
Human Resources Division
Contracts & Grants Management
Eric Redmond
Acting Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Contracts and Grants Management
Jim Blades - Managing Director
Lisa Smith-Kulley - Deputy Managing Director
: Jeanette Powers
Oversight of MCC’s travel management program, including responsibility for MCC’s travel policies and MCC’s travel office support contractors (Ovation).

Bruce Campbell
IT Security

Phil Gordon
IT Project Support
Tina Neumann
Systems Management

Fred Nutt
Mobility Support
Marie Smith
Recent Accomplishments
Ensure IT tools support MCC innovation through mobility and better communication and differentiation
Update and modify the MCC web presence for creative use of social media, data presentation, and MCC information
Ensure availability of meaningful and accurate data and the tools to ensure accessibility through the Open Data Catalog
Enhance MCC’s ability to accomplish its mission by pursuing world-class organizational practices that bring out the best of its workforce.
Establish standardized reports that meaningfully support decision making and add to the body of knowledge of how development works/not works.
Maintain an unqualified audit opinion and continue to improve internal controls in financial reporting.
Ensure lease options consolidate MCC Staff into a single location, achieve cost savings, and utilize space efficiently
Goals and Challenges for FY14

Call Gigi McDaniel
MCC's source of federal acquisition expertise. Helps the agency strategically purchase goods and services through a variety of mechanisms:
Interagency and Assistance Agreements (IAA)
Purchase Cards
Team 1 - Laura Berg
Supporting A&F (except CIO), OGC, CPA
Team 2 - John Peters
Team 3 - Jennifer Crouse
Supporting OCEO, DCO (including PEPFAR), and cross cutting practice area - MBO Partner Consultants
Contracts and Grants Management
Who Should I Contact?
Security and Office Services
Will Barboza - Director
| Joyce Lanham - Associate Director
Areas of responsibility:
Classified Information Security
Communications Security
Emergency Preparedness
Operations Security
Overseas Security
Personnel Security
Photo ID / Credentialing
Physical Security
Office set-up
Conference rooms
Library services

Financial Management
Eric Redmond - Assistant Deputy CFO
Responsible for financial operations and reporting processes as well as maintaining an effective internal control environment.
Financial Management
Budget Director - Grant Turner
Team responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of MCC’s budget formulation, justification and execution processes.
Travel Manager - Jeanette Powers
Financial management's travel team makes sure that MCC travelers get there and back efficiently, and also provides travel cards.
uman Resources Division
Antonio Guzman - Managing Director
Lori White - Deputy Managing Director
Human Capital Initiatives
Human capital programs to enhance MCC’s ability to hire and retain the most talented workforce

Call Tory Willson
Human Resources Division
Workforce Development
Employee development
Internship Program

For training offerings:
Call Tom Wyche
Performance Management / Employee Relations / Worklife Programs/Benefits
Flexible work options
Performance management system

To find out more:
Call Kim Bell
Overseas Administration
Supports MCC's permanent presence overseas
Resident Country Mission set-up

For how OA can help:
Call Dan Callahan
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
Christina Handley - CIO | Tina Neumann - Deputy CIO

Strategy Planning and Governance....
Information Assurance
– Miguel Adams and his team protect the MCC network and deliver trusted information.
– Bruce Campbell helps maintain federal records.
Enterprise Applications
–Jeremy Wood and his team develop applications to meet business needs.
Enterprise Infrastructure
- Troy Icenhour and his team deliver the network and mobility.
Enterprise Support Services
– Serves as the front door for customers, provides training, communication, and the helpdesk.
Unqualified financial audit opinion (2nd year in a row).
Maintain a strong priority of the President as reflected in the flat-lined budget in the last three years.
Contract de-obligation reviews freed up critical funding for program and administrative needs through improved business processes and systems.
Implemented Performance Management improvements.
Launched MCC developmental opportunities, including Individual Development Plans (IDP) and Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program.
Launched a flexible workplace policy.
Created collaborative and mobile IT tools through updated IT infrastructure, mobile technology, Google deployment, and laptops
Prepared MCC for emergency events – consistently achieving the highest possible scores in national exercise year after year.
Developed requirements for MCC Lease
Departmental Accomplishments
Don't hesitate to contact A&F's problem solvers:
Come by any time!
(6th Floor City Center)
On the Vine
Topic specific brownbags
Terry Bowie - Chief Financial Advisor
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