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To the Movies!

Then and Now

Mona D

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of To the Movies!

DRIVE-IN MOVIES Introduction Step 2: Find a Parking Space Step 1: Pay as you drive in Step 3: Put the Speaker on your Car Window Step 4: Watch the Movie from Your Car! Now:
INDOOR MOVIE Theaters Step 1: Go to a movie ticket selling website Examples:
fandango.com, movies.yahoo.com,
Or your preferred site Step 2: Buy your tickets Buy Your Movie Tickets Online The site you use should have simple steps you follow to buy your tickets. Some things that are useful to know are:
What movie do you want to watch? (type the movie title into the search bar and chose the movie that you want)
How many tickets do you need (adult, senior, child)?
Your credit card number if you want to pay with a credit card or your PayPal account information if you want to use that instead. Book Quote: "There are lots of drive-ins in town - the Socs go to The Way Out and to Rusty's, and the greasers go to The Dingo and to Jay's." -pg. 19 If don't want buy your tickets online,
you can buy your tickets at the theatre. Got to the box office
Tell the attendant what movie you want to watch and how many tickets you need
Pay for your tickets If you're going to buy tickets online with steps from the previous slide, skip to the next slide. Box office - a small booth in front of the theatre (usually has a glass window) that sells tickets. Pay per person - Ranges from 50 cents to two dollars OR, in other cases
Pay per car - Drive a pick-up truck and invite all your buddies over, it's the same price anyways! Step 2: Buy Food! Step 1: Buy Tickets What's a movie without popcorn? It's usually best to get your food before the movie so you don't disturb others, but your can buy food during the move as well.
Go to the concession stand
Pick the food you want. There's often a variety of candy (Junior Mints, Reese's Pieces, Mike-Ikes etc.), popcorn, and drinks.
Pay Concession Stand - A stand/kiosk that sells beverages and snacks Step 3: Sit Back, and Enjoy Your Movie Hopefully you don't need steps for enjoying a movie... To avoid being that loud, annoying person everyone hates, follow these etiquette rules:
Minimal talking
Put your cell phone on silent
Don't text (If you have to answer a call or text, go to the lobby or hall)
Try not get up from your seat too much
Don't make a mess. It's hard not too drop a bit popcorn, but don't spill soda. Remember to clean up after yourself.
On the topic of popcorn: please don't munch obnoxiously loud An example of what you should NOT do . Don't leave all this hard-payed popcorn for the janitor! A 1960s Chevrolet Pick-up truck Take the speaker from the pole and place the speaker onto you car window by using the hook on the speaker's back (roll down your windows). Drive through the sunken aisle to the section where you want to park.
Cars were parked at various so more people would be able to see the movie screen. The parking space had multiple sections, the sections nearest to the screen having the lowest elevation, and the sections farthest from the screen having the highest elevation. Sunken aisle - The lowest part of a section in the parking space The projection booth would project the movie to a big screen in the front of the parking area. You can talk and do whatever you want in while you watch the movie in your car. Projection Booth - A machine that projects a movie onto a reflective screen Conclusion Terminology is written in red. In the beginning of The Outsiders, Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny go to a drive-in movie. Drive-in movies are watched sitting in your car in an outdoor environment, unlike how we now watch movies in indoor theaters. The peak of popularity for drive-in movies occurred during late 1950s and early 1960s. Compare the How-To's for watching movies then and now. Drive-in movies are definitely better in some aspects. You can be a be loud and not disturb others, and have the privacy of your car. However, modern movies have better sound affects, and you can watch a movies in any kind of weather because you are indoors. I personally wish drive-in movies were still popular and current. Wouldn't it be nice to have both options the next time you want to watch a movie?
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