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Pinterest How-To

No description

Valeska Cawdell

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Pinterest How-To

Pinterest How-To
What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social networking site, similar to facebook, instagram and twitter,that enables you to visually share your interests(known as pinning on Pinterest). You can pin images or videos that interest you onto your boards and browse other peoples pins and boards.
How to get Started
Purpose of Pinterest
Pinterest is an inspirational social media site, used for people to share their ideas and dreams. Users can upload save and pin images for daily inspiration.It will automatically refresh your home page, giving you new content everyday.
Basic Features
Some basic feautures include:
-Liking pictures that inspire you
-Pinning pictures you LOVE to boards that other people who follow you are able to view
-Direct messaging anyone in your pinterest contacts
To delete a pin from your board, you must click edit pin and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom you will find a button that says delete pin.
Another difficult thing to figure out is messaging people directly. At the bottom of your account you will find 4 icons. Click the one that looks like a messaging bubble. Then you must select whoever you want to contact and write a message or include a pin.
Head to their website at https://www.pinterest.com
to start your log in// sign up.
*You can also download the app
After you have signed up and logged in you will have made a profile and now you get to explore!
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