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Resume Writing Workshop

How to write a professional resume

Valerie Alvarez

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Resume Writing Workshop

Presented by: Valerie Alvarez
Things to do
writing a Resume: Self-Assesment
Choose a career path
Think! Brainstorm what have you done?
What are your skills?
Select suitable skills
So how do I write this thing?
General Format
Minimum Margin – Top: 0.8” - 1”; Sides and Bottom: 0.5” - 1”
Order – Heading, Objective (if included), and Education are listed first in that order
Length – Undergraduate level - 1 page; Graduate - 1- 2 pages
What Does a Resume Generally Include?
Thank You For Listening
Good luck!
What is a Resume?
What it really is!
What it is Not!
A brief document that summarizes your education, employment history, and experiences that are relevant to your qualifications for a job for which you are applying.
A reflection of who you are
A "sales document"
A list of stuff you did
Not your final word
To be taken lightly
So whats the purpose?
How much time do you think the average employer spends looking at a resume?
10 seconds
20 seconds
30 seconds
Layout and Length
Uniformity and Consistency in use of italics, capital letters, bullets, etc.
Do not make your resume into a novel! Remember that you are trying to keep the reader's attention.
Contact Info-Top
Work Experience
(Related Courses)

Provides evidence of qualifications
Usually after "Objective"
Students/Recent Grads
List most relevant school first
Schools Attended
date of graduation/anticipated
degrees earned
GPA-if above 3.0
relevant course work
Vanity Voice Mail
email address

Not about you!
A manager will use this opportunity to size you up.
Research the company and position you are applying for.
Targeted for job you are applying for.
Focus on employer, be specific, keep it clear and concise.
Not necessary but good for career changers and entry-level workers.
"Seeking a position with advancement opportunities to senior management "


Entry-level position in Finance which could fully utilize a technical expertise in database design and strong drive to maximize corporate profitability in a competitive global marketplace."

If you don't have enough experience,
your skills.
List jobs, activities and projects
Think of skills you have gained through those experiences.
Group these skills into 3-5 job related skills categories and use these as headings
Use action words/phrases
EX: Business Communication
Completed a formal report for Business Writing course.
Wrote annual state and district reports of all club's community service project, volunteered hours and monetary donations.
Compiled, type, mimeographed and distributed club books to each member.
The of the resume
Makes you stand out and convinces employers your experiences match their mission and goals
Most recent to oldest
Can be named: Work Experience, Volunteer Work, Work History etc.
company or organization
position title
dates of employment or involvement
descriptions of responsibilities and duties
Not a lot of experience?
Setting up experience sections with two subcategories (responsibility and skills learned) can help communicate your skills effectively.
So I worked at
and I didn't learn anything!
Think again
Experience: Sales Associate, Hot Topic, San Antonio, TX 06/2012 to present

Assisted customers with apparel selections that best suited their individual body types
Devised and implemented programs focused on product knowledge, emerging trends, and sales campaigns
Ensured sales staff embraced company standards and customer-centric culture, fostered positive customer experiences, and maximized growth.
Skills Learned:
Interpersonal communication
Marketing and Sales
Money transactions
customer service
Ex: Interpersonal Skills you learn dealing with irate customers during the Christmas rush can help you in a stressful professional settings.
Extracurricular activities tell an employer about your interests, motivations, and skills

Recruiters place value on
not quantity
Dates of membership
Position held
Duties and responsibilities
Become More Involved
you know."
No References
Write them on separate sheet of paper
Types of Resumes
Emphasizes work history and education rather than skill
Organized in reverse chronological order with most recent job first
Your education, skills, and other information are listed after your experience.
Preferred by employers since it highlights work experience
Focuses on skills and experience
Used by people with work gaps or who are changing careers
Uses "Career Highlights" sections to match key skills with specific accomplishments

Combines Chronological and Functional
Can work for entry level and executives
Focus on skills in the beginning of a resume and conclude with a summary of work history
Do' s
Don't s
Make it one page
Use strong Verbs
List accomplishments not duties
Speak in

"Performed social media marketing"
"Implemented social media campaigns that resulted in 2000 Facebook Fans and a 10% increase in traffic to the company web page."
Give personal info.
Use pictures, graphs, different fonts
Do not rely on Spell Check
One size does not fit all
Target your resume for job you are applying
Keep it updated
Eye can knot seam two spell very whale
Don't use personal pronouns
Careful of Facebook!
Speak in
Wait Staff, Olive Garden

Took accurate food orders
Served food in a prompt manner
Greeted and seated customers
Awarded "employee of the Month
Wait Staff, Olive Garden
Selected as "employee of the Month" out of a wait staff of 25
Developed multi-tasking skills waiting on more than five tables at a time
honed customer service skills through greeting and seating walk-in patrons
Cover Letter
What's its purpose?
A good cover letter will get your resume read
A good resume will get you an interview
A good interview will get you a job offer
A "good" cover letter
Should be tailored to each employer
Introduces you to the recruiter
Demonstrates how well you express yourself
Takes time to write well!
Persuade that your goals align with the organization's goals (mission) and that your skills align with the position requirements
Prior to Writing The Cover Letter
Learn about organization, its goals and needs
Read job advertising carefully
Research employer
call them and ask what they do
look over their website
talk to someone with similar career
Intro Paragraph-
Who and Why
Dear <Ms./Mr.Dr.> <Last Name>
Your opening paragraph tells why you are writing and notes where you learned about the opening or if someone referred you. Be as specific as possible about the kind of position for which you are applying. Overview why your values and goals align with the organization's and how you will help them.
Things To Remember
What does it include
Middle Paragraph-
This allows you to persuade your reader why you are good fit for the company and the job. Highlight your qualifications. Give details of your background that will demonstrate why the reader should consider you a candidate. Previous work experience, academic credentials, or other skills. Include strong reason why they should hire you and how they will benefit from the relationship.
Closing Paragraph-
Action Step
Describe the follow-up action you will take. State that you will be contacting the employer within a particular time frame to verify the receipt of your application and to inquire about their recruiter and decision-making timeline. You may also want to provide your contact info. Reiterate you enthusiasm and thank them for thier time and consideration.
Always proofread!
Use single spaced
Have others read it
Any Questions?
Highlight's relevant activities you have been involved with and the honors you have received that you could discuss with prospective employer.

This helps you stand out from the crowd and demonstrates qualifications for position
Usually after experience and education (last section)
Dean's List 2010-present
Who's Who Among College and University Students 2011

Academic Honors
Membership in Professional Organizations
Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) 2009-present
Residence Hall Freshmen Council 2010-present
Don't make these mistakes!
What Will We Cover?
What is a Resume?
Its Purpose
How to Prepare
Key Elements of a Resume
Types of Resumes
Do' s and Don't s
Cover Letter Basics
cool word!
Name And Info
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