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How to Make a Pinch Pot Owl

No description

Jody Simmons

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of How to Make a Pinch Pot Owl

to Make a
Pinch Pot Owl

By: Jody Simmons
Start with two balls of clay.
Place thumb in the first ball of clay.
Score the edges of each pinch pot, and gently press the pinch pots together.
Add a coil around the seam and blend carefully.
How to make a pinch pot by Mr. Lundgren.
This forms the body of the owl.
Flatten the bottom of the body, so the owl will stand up.
Poke a hole in the bottom, so the owl won't explode in the kiln!
The hole should be the diameter of a pencil.
Decide whether you are making a Barn Owl or a Great Horned Owl.
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl
Barn Owls have heart shaped faces.
Great Horned Owls have feathers on their heads that look like ear folds.
Add a beak. Owls have short, curved, downward-facing beaks that are hooked at the end.

Add the heart shape or ear folds.

Don't forget to score and blend the clay.
Examples of scoring the clay
Add eyes to your owl by pressing a clay tool of your choice into the clay.
You may also add clay to make raised eyes.
Poke a hole in the clay eye of your owl to look like a pupil.

Examples of clay tools:
What your owl's eyes might look like:
Now that your owl is constructed, it’s time to add texture to the clay.
You may choose to make your owl realistic or whimsical.
Clay Pottery Slab Building :
Clay Texturing with Found Objects
(Video By Expert Village)
After your owl is bisque-fired, you will get to glaze your project using the colors of your choice!
Have fun creating a wonderful work of art!
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