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Who was Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper is well known for the murders he committed but no one really knows his true identity. Lets explore this mystery and see just who we think Jack the Ripper really was. By:Emily Brannan

Emily Brannan

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Who was Jack the Ripper?

Who was Jack the Ripper? Many facts and theories have been brought into this case, but there are still many aspects left unexplained. Setting murders occurred in the east end of London, in 1888
from August 31 t0 November 9 Victims Mary Ann Nichols- Aug. 31 Annie Chapman- Sept. 8
Elizabeth Stride- Sept.30
Catherine Eddowes- Sept.30
Mary Jane Kelly- Nov. 9 Theories Fredrick Bailey Deeming Was mentally insane from brain fever
killed both his first wife and second with his children
told inmates he was "Jack the Ripper" Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward (Prince Eddy) most famous suspect
rumors that he was mildly retarded
theory that syphilis caused him to murder
theory that he had an affair with his tutor Mary Pearcey suspected to be a midwife
Mary Jane Kelly siting's
same killing tequnique as Jack the Ripper Severin Kolosowki native to Poland
moved to London shortly before the murders
hatred towards women
imigration to the U.S.
Ripper like murders in the U.S. at this time Theory i find most creditable theory of Severin Kolosowki
facts & dates match up
only setback- appearence
possibility of diguise What is still left unexplained? unsure who he or she was
letters were written by a reporter? The mystery of Jack the Ripper We may never know Jack's true identity, but isn't that the wonder in this mystery?
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