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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

No description

Kokoshinskiy, A.

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

By: Kokoshinskiy, A.

Goal: Create a website incorporating a multiple of my passions for my Non-Profit Theater Production group.

Websites: egoza.weebly.com
8th Grade Project December Monthly Digital Reflection/Mid Year Long Term Project
Why did I choose this project?
Important to learn how to construct website for business
"Determines failure from success"
Incorporates multiple passions
Russian Language
Goal: Attract more theater-lovers to make the Non-Profit Theater Organization to put on more shows and try to gain more money.
Hey... What is Santa pointing at..?
Let's take a look!
Koko's Progress
Commercial Break!
Who Am I Doing This Project For?
Non-Profit Theater Production, called "Egoza."
Russian Lesson!!!
Director - Tanya Vazyulina
What is this for?
Non-Profit Theater Production "Egoza."
When does this have to be accomplished by?
Completed before May, because that is when this project ends.
Most of this website must be completed before Saturday, December 21, 2013, when we have our play.
We will announce we have a website
People will check it on their phones
Where will this project be done?
First under "free website"
Before play, buy website to add additional features to make it cooler and more enjoyable.
Now let's look at the actual website!

Goals for the Second Semester
Finish website entirely
Add more programming components so I can learn more about programming, for I very enjoy it.
Make website look like a stage
MLA Citations
on Google Doc.
Decide Website Creator
Start Working on It
Exactly complete what Director tells you to
Continue working
Add Cool Features
Compare to other websites
See what I can change
Make website "Stand Out"
Add programming aspect
Finish most of website
See how general public reacts
In Russian, Egoza means:

a person that can't stand or sit down for a long period of time

Basically, our theater is a barrel of monkeys!
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