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Overpopulation in Japan

No description

Stacey Jose

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Overpopulation in Japan

Overpopulation in Japan
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Japan Facts
Population of 127.6 million people
One of most populous countries in the world (ranked 11th )
Tokyo is most populated city in the world (9 million)
Japan has the highest population density (873.1 people per square km)
Average size of a residence in Tokyo is 980 square ft. (31 ft. by 31 ft.)
To make a comparison:
Japan, with a population of 127.6 million people, is about the same size as the state of California, that has a population of only 38 million people.

The Problems
Overpopulation leads to:
Cramped living
Average size of a residence in Tokyo is 980 square ft. (31 ft. by 31 ft.)
Quick spread of disease
Lack of natural resources (food, water, fuel, wood, etc.)
Not enough jobs to support growing population
Which leads to a declining economy and rising unemployment rate
Lack of transportation
Most people travel through public transportation (trains, buses, etc.)
Since there are not enough of these, they are normally packed with people, which can again lead to spread of disease.

(0:00-0:40; 3:28-4:12)
Why Is This An Issue?
In addition to causing bad living conditions for the Japanese people, eventually it will become physically impossible for the land to hold its people.

It is happening not only in Japan, but also in:
South Korea

Possible Solutions
China's One-Child Policy
Underground Living
Moving-Out Policy
By: Alanis Roman and Stacey Jose (2B)
One-Child Policy
Limit amount of children per household to ONE
Infanticide and abortion
If more than one child per household, the man has to pay twice his salary
Only children of politicians, celebrities, and entertainers will be spared
Why This Is A Bad Idea
The birth rate of Japan (1.29 children per woman) is lower than China’s (1.67 children per woman)
Unfair for fathers/husbands
Immoral for infanticide and abortion

Underground Living
Living in sewage systems
100 yen (equivalent to 1 USD) per sewage house + 500 yen per person
High taxation on food, clothing, and house

Why This Is A Bad Idea
Horrible living conditions for citizens
People will spend too much money
Moving-Out Policy
Government pays citizens to move from Japan
Pays 40,050,000 yen ($400,500) to move
Need at least one-fourth population to move
Restricted to move only to US, China, or South Korea

Why This Is The Best Choice
Even if the government pays money, still enough people to support Japan
More accommodation for people staying
Emigrants are provided with a new life

What Will Happen With The Solution
The population and population density decreases
The disease spread decreases
Less accidents
More space for living
Emigrants will spread the Japanese culture
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