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An IT Artifact of Project Management Seminar

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thisso me

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of An IT Artifact of Project Management Seminar

Thank you...
Advance IT Project Management
Lecturer : Dr. Natrah Bt Abdullah@Dollah
This business case consist of a package of information, analysis and recommendations. It includes a plain language statement of the problem to be solved. With supporting interactive presentation media such as prezi, this business case took about 3 weeks to be developed. The content of this business case will start with the project organization, Executive Summary will explain briefly about the whole business case, this will followed by the Introduction of the business case, Alternatives and lastly Analysis of Alternatives.
Meet the team
"An IT Artifact of
Project Management Seminar"

Executive Summary
Analysis of

Project Manager
Mimi Nurakmal Bt Mustapa
Account Manager
Noriza Bt Satam
Business Event Manager
Azlinda Bt Mohamad
Technical & Audio Visual Manager
Hazlin Bt Khidir
Th nkBIGdotCom
Q & A
Current Situation
Description of Problems
Project MOV
How MOV support organization's goal and strategy ?
To analyze the alternatives
To identified the alternatives of mov
Step 6 :
To suggest the best speaker to for ITPM Seminar
customer satisfaction
attract audience
Align with objectives
Likelihood of achieving MOV
Availability of the speaker
Proper title
Risk if the speaker is unable to attend the event
cost effective
To suggest the end result to the stakeholders
A seminar about IT PM will be held on 7th December 2014
One of the event slot is a talk about IT PM
Each Project team were given a task to suggest one speaker to give the talk
By suggesting the best speaker to get the event run smoothly
Exposing the ITPM knowledge to the students/audience
Each group member has their own choice of speaker with different title
The problem arise when project team has to decide only one speaker for that event
An IT artifact has to be developed by project team to suggest a speaker to the stakeholders
The main problem is to conduct a seminar
To ensure the event sun smoothly, a good speaker has to be find, therefore the mov is the speaker
The alternative with highest weightage score will be select
Organization's goal is to ensure the event run smoothly
Each group member suggest one speaker as an alternative and will be given a score
Analysis Report
Base on the analysis, alternative #1 has the highest score 77.5%
Alternative #1 will be present to stakeholders
Datin Dr. Siti Aishah Bt Abdullah
How do we develop mov?
Step 1
: Significant area of impact --> the audience or students
Step 2
: Desired value --> to gain knowledge of project management area
Step 3
: Metric --> A comparison table had been constructed to list the details for each alternative.
Step 4
: Timeframe --> Within 2 weeks of team discussion
Step 5
: The MOV has been outlined, verified and agreed by the respective lecturer.

The start of an IT project begins with conceptualization and initialization phase. This phase defines the project goal and measurable organizational value (MOV). The MOV establishes some real measurement of the success or failure of a project and is based on an organizational goal or strategy.
Miller, S. (2008)
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