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The Book of the Dead and the Duat (The Egyptian Underworld)

Egypt Report

Rachel Soloff

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of The Book of the Dead and the Duat (The Egyptian Underworld)

The Book of the Dead
and the Duat
A winged person spirit who flew to the Duat
The ba came out from opening of the mouth ceremony
A man's Ba flying above him
The Last Test of the Underworld
swear to 42 judges you didn't do the 42 crimes
Anubis weighs heart w/ feather of truth or Ma'at
if lighter than feather then person meets ancestors and Osiris
if heart is heavier then is eaten by Ammut (part lion part hippo part crocodile)
The last test of the Duat
The Book of the Dead had hyms
and spells to get through the Duat
Egyptains called it the Book of Going Forward by Day
Romans called it Book of Traversing Eternity
Every mummy had it's own Book of the Dead
Letters to the Dead
Written to the dead asking them favors like becoming pregnant or help someone sick get better because now they were part of the " gods"
written on pottery w/ drawing

A Letter to the Dead
Comparing other Religons
(Ancient Rome, Anicient Greece
and Modern Religon)
Christian "Hell" based off the Duat
Greek "Osiris" was Hades
Roman " Osiris" was Pluto
Greek "Isis" was Persephone
Roman "Isis" was Kore
Kore (Persephone) was kidnapped by Pluto
In Greek myths 3 judges decide were you go
Ra rode around in a boat like Charon who brought the dead to the Underworld
Who was there?
Amset: 1 of the 4 sons of Horus - protector of the liver, head of a human
Duamutef: 2nd of the 4 sons of Hourus- protecter the stomach , head of a jackal..
Hapi: 3rd son of Horus- protector of the lungs, head of a baboon
Qebhsenuef: 4th son of Hourus- protector of the intestines, head of a falcon.
Anubis: God of embalming, first to embalm someone (Osiris). His job was to preserve the dead, or embalm them.
Osiris: The god of the dead, the ruler of the underworld, became the god, first a king in real world, Set was having a party and then he put him in a box, cut him in to nine pieces, but Isis (his wife) could only find 8, so he died.
Who was there cont.
Horus: Was Osiris and Isis’s son and defeated evil Set and became the king of the humans. He brought dead to underworld.
Ma’at: Made the feather of truth and was in the hall of judgment
Ptah: The world was created by Ptah, made the bodies of the ghosts in the underworld.
Ra: Was the king of gods. Went around the Duat, rode around trying to make the mummies and take off bandages and come back to the real world.
Thoth: He was the god of wisdom and in the Hall of Judgment he recorded the dead person’s judgment
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