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The Ogiek Roar - The Ogiek Tribe Rite of Passage

School Project

Court C

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Ogiek Roar - The Ogiek Tribe Rite of Passage

Who are they?
The Ogiek are an Indigenous people based in Northwestern Tanzania, Southern Kenya and Western Kenya. They are a group of hunter-gatherers. They have also made claims against the Kenyan government against unfair treatment.
Rite of Passage
The young boys and girls of the tribe are first ceremonially circumcised, then secluded from the adults for several months. During that time, they paint themselves white with clay in order to resemble a wild creature. They then are haunted by a mythical beast whose roar can be heard at night. They become adults when the elders of the tribe show them the instrument used to produce the roar and then they do it for themselves.



The Ogiek Roar - The Ogiek Tribe Rite of Passage
Video on the Ogiek Culture
by Courteney C
How would you feel participating in this ritual?
I would probably not enjoy participating in this ritual
Discussion continued
Does our society lack in this area? Should we be establishing more Rites here?
Our society definitely lacks a rite of passage that signifies and establishes that a person is an adult. We should be establishing more rites here as to show that someone has become an adult
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