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Holiday Traditions Wikipedia Article

English class lesson plan

Arik Durfee

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Holiday Traditions Wikipedia Article

In December, many families around the world decorate Christmas trees, light Menorahs, sing traditional songs, eat special foods, or participate in a variety of holiday celebrations. In an episode of Seinfeld in 1997, George Costanza’s family celebrated Festivus on December 23. If you're going to create our own Wikipedia articles, we need to learn a little about what these articles look like and how they are organized. Whatever your family traditions are during the holidays, it’s likely that there is an interesting story behind them. Maybe your mom has an odd recipe for potato chip and toffee cookies that no one else has ever heard of. She only makes them on New Year’s Eve, and they are surprisingly delicious. Your job in this assignment is to create an informative Wikipedia article about one of your family holiday traditions and the history behind it. If your family doesn’t celebrate any holidays in December, you could always write an article that explains any specific aspect of your culture, beliefs, or worldview. Maybe your holiday traditions include an odd little character your dad calls “Black Peter” because your dad is Dutch and Black Peter was an important part of his family’s traditions in the Netherlands. Maybe during your Hanukkah celebration, your grandparents always tell a specific family story. You’ve heard it every December since you can remember, but they just keep telling it again each year. You might think the Constanza family’s traditions are a little weird, but chances are some of your family traditions might seem a bit strange to others. Holiday Traditions In addition to the typical celebrations, many families have traditions that are peculiar just to them. Maybe your dad makes rouladen every Christmas Eve in memory of the German restaurant your grandparents used to own. Your Wikipedia article could explain what rouladen is, the history of your grandparent’s German restaurant, when this Christmas-Eve tradition started, and how it affects your holiday celebrations today. Your Assignment Wikipedia Format The article usually starts with a brief paragraph or two that summarize the main points of the article. There is usually a "Contents" section that outlines the main sections of the article. The body of the article is organized by main headings... ...and sub-headings. At the top right of the page, there is often a section that has a main picture for the article and a few key facts and relevant links. What headings and sub-headings would you need in your article? How will you summarize your article? What related facts and relevant links would be connected to your article? Notice the use of pictures and captions throughout the article. What pictures would you include in your article, and how would you caption them? Are you ready? Let's get to work!
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