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Picaro Presentation

August 2012

Gemma Considine

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Picaro Presentation

Picaro Play

Picaro is designed for
Around 2 billion people are likely to learn English as a second language in the next 10 – 15 years
Digital English language learning products already generated over USD$1.3billion in 2011, a figure which is expected to double by 2016
A growing proportion of that group will be young children as governments around the world institute policies to ensure children are better equipped to speak English
Digital literacy is of growing importance to governments who recognise children must be equipped to perform in a digital world
Our differentiator:
Picaro is the only children’s digital English language course with quality and fun content fully aligned with the Cambridge Young Learners curriculum
Activity Books
What is Picaro?
Picaro helps children aged 4-9 learn English as a second language.
Supported by Experts
Kaplan International Colleges, Fox International Channels' BabyTV and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations have teamed up for a unique partnership combining their expertise in education, entertainment and accreditation.
Online Course
Picaro in Action
In May 2012 we trialled Picaro with our partner school in Hungary. Learning English has never been so much fun!
Each Unit contains 20 topics, with 3 mini-games per topic
Based on the academic principle of 'Presentation, Practise, Consolidation'
Review modules allow children to continually refresh what they have learnt
Students learn valuable ICT skills as well as improving English
Allows children to learn at their own pace
Comprehensive English Curriculum
Picaro is a four-level online primary school English course. It offers over 300 hours of learning time, recommended to be spread across 4 years. Picaro is aligned with the Cambridge English: Young Learners (CYLE) curriculum and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Picaro combines online and offline learning to provide a comprehensive English curriculum.
Reinforce and extend classroom and online game learning in individual, pair and group tasks
Co-operative and communication activities to develop speaking and listening skills
Activities to develop fine motor skills and facilitate writing skills
Graded tasks ranging from pre-reading to reading and writing

4 teacher guides with over 300 lesson plans
Step by step guide for teaching the Cambridge Young Learner Curriculum
Learner-centred, interactive learning activities for whole class, group and individual learning
Teacher tips to help teachers personalise lessons to their leaners and classroom situations
Guide to using the online games
Downloadable resources including games, flash cards, worksheets and test prep materials
Online learning Managerment System (LMS) to monitor progress and select language topics
Use the Picaro syllabus to form the basis of your English language curriculum or select the order of topics to complement your current school programme

Picaro is designed for
More Information
For more information or a free trial of Picaro, please contact gemma.considine@kaplan.com
Kaplan International Colleges are a leader in English education, with over 40 English-language schools around the world.
University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations are some of the most widely regarded English exams in the world, with over 3 million children sitting them a year.
BabyTV is the world's first commercial-free 24 hour children's TV channel, with programmes distributed around the world. Their content is developed by experts in early learning and childhood.
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