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my geography

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on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of my geography

my geography
Two related places in my map
By Jasmine Wan
ID: WANY5D1303

Theme: Culture
World from a big environment for us who live in. It can be effected by many reasons such as culture, economic, and ecology.
First place

Canada-- Vancouver(louhgeed)
In 2013, I came into the North America, which is an interesting place-- in Canada to take the education.
I have been traveled to many places, but gives me the most impressive place for me is my hometown:
Second place of me:
My hometown
Lougheed town

Here is the google map that shows the place I live around of me.
In this map, I choose my home around the lougheed town center because it is a center of place, which means I can buy foods and clothes more convenience than other place, and here has the skytrain station. I can go anywhere conveniently.
My home
Lougheed is a beautiful town in the Burnaby, British columbia, near the border with Coquitlam.More importantly, this place gives me full of memory in the Canada, and I live here in one yer. During this one year, I was effected by this place. It shapes me, and this place also shaped the whole world.
How I shaped my neighbor
Culture: In this area, I always chat with my neighborhoods and exchange my culture to them.
Teach to my neighbor words
My neighborhood who lives are Korean families. They are very friendly to me. They are so interested in Chinese culture. When we chat with each other, I always teach to them some Chinese Words. Language is a greatest cultural creation. I told them Chinese word has many different meanings even though it is a same word. Actually, it is so complex. They are concentrated on the Chinese word, when they see me, they always greet to me by Mandarin.
I know that I share my culture to the world and let more people to learn out culture.

Chinese food
Chinese religious
I introduce to my neighbors in China, color-red means luck and happiness, and in every new year, every family would be collected some red pictures or other things on the door or windows. And it can bring the luckiness in the whole year. I gave some pictures to my neighbors from China. They are so happy and begin to use red things in their home.
Food is the most important element of transmitting culture. In China there has a variety type of foods. I want to share our food to my neighbors, and I invited them to my home enjoy my food. In the right picture , I made the fish,vegetable, shrimp.
To be honest, they cannot fit these foods at beginning, but they are trying to enjoy Chinese foods gradually. They begin to fit to use chopsticks and more like to go some Chinese restaurants take some foods and learn our culture.
How Lougheed town shaped me
Canada here has many church which is a typical religious site, and it is a characteristic outcome of the complex interaction between a human group and natural environment.
People in here can go to the church easily, like me, I can appreciate this building and feel the unique culture of this place. To be honest, I never have been to the any religious site like the church in my country, because the different culture, we also have many temples, but don't have church. In this place, I go to the church frequently, especially when I face some troubles, the church can let me feel more clam. And I really love this place.
Culture is a shared set of meanings that they are lived through the different parts of everyday life
In my life, here has two important places effect me, and I also effect these two places by culture.
When I came here, I didn't know how to deal with and classify the garbage. I always do some wrong things of the garbabge.Because in my hometown, people maybe realize it is so important to recycle, but we don't have actual action to do this. I still remember that the first time I walked the garbage bin to throw the garbage, but it has several different bins in front of my eyes, I didn't have any idea about this, my neighbor saw that I was worried about it, and they taught me how to classify the garbage, and I need to be more aware of the environment, it is also another way to protect our resource.

The mall in the picture which is the lougheed town center. This mall is very close to my home, and I can buy many things and products from this store. I came here nearly two years, I really like hanging out and going to the mall to buy some clothes. I looked the local people's dress and some stores, I found that we have the different style in our clothes, Canadian people always dress the leisure wear, and most people of my friends same as dress these clothes. I think it looks good and I begin to try these kind of dress, I found that it is very comfortable and then I began to buy these kind of clothes.
Here is the picture shows that people in here dress style. The culture shapes me to buy the local dress, at same time, when I spent some money in this area of the store, I increase the profit of the store. The profitable store will hire more people and increase the rate of employment in Canada. All in all, the world GDP is depends on person's action, it will be stimulated the economic of Canada.
There has a huge difference between the western food and Chinese food. In my hometown, we always eat the spicy and salty food, every meal must be have some spicy foods. But when I arrived to this place at first time, I ate some western restaurants here, actually I cannot suit this kind of food, it is so blank to me. After that I eat more and more kind of these kind of food in my life, and my habit has been changed at the same time. I found if I eat bread in the morning, it is conveniently and can save more time to do other things.
Wuhan is my hometown, it is located in the central China, it lies in the eastern Jianghan Plain at the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze and Han rivers. I lived in this city 18 years, this city shapes me by many different aspects.
This is a video from YouTube, it is worthwhile to watch it, it lets you know something about Wuhan
Hubei Provincial Museum
This is one of the best-known museums in China, with a large amount of State-level historic and cultural relics.
Hubei Provincial Museum
This museum is located in the Wuchang District of Wuhan. It collects, protects, and exhibits the cultural relics discovered in the province. When I go the museum, I find this museum is full of ancient history, I can learn lots of knowledge and culture in this place. I love history, and I always curious on the past life. I can stay on this museum in a long time.
Yangtze River Bridge
It was constructed by other countries engineers who were form Moscow and Soviet( a human group) and was built on the river( a natural environment). When I walk on this bridge, I can feel this is a magnificent and cultural building, I also can appreciate the scenery and feel the unique culture of this place.
creates cultural landscapes
This bridge united the railway with different routes. I can take the train to go to other province conveniently.
Thank you for patient to look my story
Hope you like it






Table manners
Chu River Han Street
Chu River and Han Street is a street and a river in Wuhan, which is developed a central culture zone, which encompasses people attractions, business, commercial. It houses shopping mall, restaurants, recreational sites. Most people in here can buy some cloth and eat meals in this street.

This local place really shaped me, one hand,I always can come to this place with my friends to have the meal, and shopping. In the other hand, Han Street is 1,500 meters in length, I can just walk in this street to appreciate this building by
In my hometown, table manners are essential, we think it is really an admirable custom to respect others at the table, such as the aged, teachers and guests. When I was a child, my parents told me some table manners to me. For example, when people sit around the table, before starting to eat dinner, I should not start to eat until elder people says:"please enjoy yourself" or something like that. I think this a good behavior for me, we should respect people and have a good manners when we do something.
In my first 18 years, Chinese culture shapes my life, like the education, environment, behavior. Then I go to the abroad, the other totally different country which is Canada for study. And I experience another different culture, it effects me, changes my some behaviors and opinions. At this moment, Canadian culture shapes me now, at same time I still shape the local people's behavior a little bit. I bring some Chinese elements to their life, such as Language, food or some religions.

I have been travel to many places, but the most interconnected place for me is Wuhan where is my hometown place. I can adopt with the Wuhan accents and cultural behavior. I feel free when I walk in this city. Wuhan has the fast change in everywhere, every time I go back to my hometown, I find that there has more and more buildings and some new things come out. I think Wuhan can develop further.

I have studied in Vancouver for one and half year. I like the landscape and culture in here, which leaves an impressive in my mind, now I think I suit here by many aspects. And I know something about Vancouver's market, I will study more and more in here. So now I think Vancouver is my local place.
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