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No description

Cindy Roland

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Self-Care

Hi Co-hort 3 A.KA Co-hort Awesome! Now that we are approaching the end of the semester there is no need for full introductions as we all know each other pretty well. Kimberly and I both work outside the social work field. Kimberly is the Director of Human Resources for the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley in San Jose, CA. Coincidentally, I am a Human Resource Assistant in Lemoore, CA. I'm sure we can all agree that no matter your job field, we all experience stressful situations at the workplace, home, school and everyday life (and HR can be particularly stressful!) With only 3 weeks away (not including this one) from the end of our first semester, have you thought about what you're doing during the 3 week summer break? Ladies and gentleman, don't forget to take some time for self-care, there's all sorts of ways to do so. Today, Kimberly and I have put a presentation together to help you through your self-care process during and after school sessions.

Now Sit back and relax....

Where to Begin?

We are all different people who need different self-care strategies which is why if you type self-care in a search engine you'll find various tips for Self-Care. Because there are so many of them, we will list only a few top choices but you're welcome to explore more options and we would love to hear your feedback!

Mindfulness through Guided Meditation

Here is a short (3:31) guided meditation video with breathing exercises, we recommend you click "play" and let yourself relax. It is short and simple for when you're on the go!

Guided Meditation- A time-out Visualization Meditation to heal and refresh

If you have a little extra time we recommend this one which is a little longer (5:39); it invites you into visualizing a particular spot.


Remember those "how-to" papers we had to write in grade school? Here is a "how-to" on Visual Meditation for those of you interested in creating your own. Click the link!


In order to self-care properly one must have a nutritious life style. Kimberly is kind of a health food nut, but I'll admit that I put a lot of junk into my body but the food, beverages, vitamins, medication, alcohol and drugs we take all impact our brain and affect the way we function. Be cautious of your intake!

Decolonize Your Diet
One thing is for certain, the standard American diet of highly processed foods is making us sick. Dr. Yellow Bird encourages us to "Decolonize" our diets. In other words, eat like your great, great grandmother did.

Check out the link!
Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.
Michael Pollan is another proponent of eating "like your grandmother." The first of his 7 food rules is: Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. "When you pick up that box of portable yogurt tubes, or eat something with 15 ingredients you can't pronounce, ask yourself, "What are those things doing there?"
Check out this link!
This is a video (9:19) that talks about how just walking 30 minutes a day can lower a person's risk of disease dramatically. It's called 23 1/2 hours (limit your sitting and sleeping to 23 1/2 hours/day). Physical activities impacts your mental health, helps relieve stress and anxiety and we all know we need our sanity now more than ever! Kimberly and I both admit that we tend to skip the exercise when we have a full schedule, but if you watch this video you will see that you only need 30 minutes a day!
7 Minute Workout
Still don't have 30 minutes to go for a walk, try this 7 minute workout. What's your excuse now?
Try it!
Anyone else regret skipping nap time during pre-school? If I knew then how much I miss a good night sleep now, I wouldn't have pretend sleep in Mrs. Powers class. A good night of quality sleep is an important aspect of self-care. Check out this picture!
Importance of Bedroom Elements to a Good Night’s Sleep
Healthy Sleep Tips
It's important to remember to have a little fun in life! What's fun for you? Spending time with the family, retail shopping, sleeping in, working out or game of golf? Those all qualify as forms of self-care, so many ways, so many ideas.
Hobbies - This is your brain on knitting.
Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.
Check out this article!
80+ Self-Care Ideas
Pick one or two...or three or four, we DARE you!
Somewhere someone once said that humans don't function very well without support systems; we've all got them. Earlier in the semester Danielle and Randi put on a great presentation reminding us the importance of those support systems and we all sat down to think of all those people/pets in our lives. Here's their presentation in case you need to refresh your memory...
Now what?
Now that we're done going over some self-care strategies you now have some ideas for short term and long term goals whether it is doing the 7 minute workout video or start eating healthier, okay maybe we'll start with that next Monday... :)
Self-Care Assessment
Please take time to complete this assessment and look back at your score, you'll need to know this for your forum discussion later HINT! ;
Let's Get Started!
Click on the link for a Self-Care Starter Kit
Follow the signs & listen to your body
Forum Discussion Questions:
1. What is your definition of Self-Care?

2. How do you practice self-care?

3. What are the benefits of self-care?

4. What plans for self-care do you have for our 3 week summer break?

5. From the self-care assessment, what are 3 things (if you don't mind sharing) that you would like to improve? (if you rather be private about this we understand, simply skip this question).

6. What unhealthy or unhelpful strategies or activities do you need to avoid?
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