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Designing the Future of Distance Learning - Workshop

Workshop where participants can simulate building distance learning projects while discovering current trends.

Newton Campos

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of Designing the Future of Distance Learning - Workshop

Big Picture...
Clash of generations!
Improve your project.
Take away
Today's mindset:
Let's reform this system together!
Designing the Future of Distance Learning
Newton Campos, PhD
IE Business School

US$ 100k scholarships to drop school.
Higher Education bubble
Degrees are less safer.
Jobs of the future do not require degrees of today.
Professors outdated.
US$ 2 Billion investment.
Innovative Open Educational Resources.
Target: World leader in 2020.
2013: 100% schools broadband < 5 years.
Heavy use of technology.
Blended learning is feasible.
Customized and integrated disciplines.
Modularity and customization.
Utilization of campus year-round.
Improvement in quality with same or smaller costs.
Rethinking governance of schools.
E-learning is dead.
Only learning exists.
And good learning is good learning.
It doesn't matter how you get it.
Plan for today...
Thank you!
email: newton.campos@faculty.ie.edu
twitter: @neweduca
Massive Open
Aug, 2011
Nov, 2011 and May 2013
Peter Thiel
Apr, 2011
A Boom Time for Education Start-Ups
Despite recession investors see technology companies' 'Internet moment'.
Mar, 2012
Big Picture
Flipped Classroom
Flipped, modular and integrated content
Synchronous learning:
face-to-face or skype-like.

Asynchronous learning:
forum, game, flipped, video, text, etc.
Workshop: Rules
Build your school
Current trends
Improve your project
Groups 3m
Split in groups
Introduce yourself
Name and age
What brought you here
Create 3m
E-learning School
You have a sector
Pick one subject
And define one course to start
Issues to solve 10m
Audience: Massive or to few?
Money: "Free" or paid?
Format: Online or Blended?
Content: live or recorded?
Quality: How to control it?
Engagement: How to keep it?
Attendance: How to control it?
Online Course
Fun and mobile learning
Mobile learning
Modular integrated
To the mass, few or one
"Life is blended already. Now it's about structuring the online part."
Should be used with content that is more structured or more stable. Content that needs less human interaction.
Should be used with content that is more unstructured or more perishable. Content that demands
more human interaction.
Course: __________
Audience: __________
Money: __________
Format: __________
Content: __________
Quality: __________
Engagement: __________
Attendance: __________
Online Course
Inspired by these trends, propose up to
three improvements to your proposal.
One: __________
Two: __________
Three: __________
Proves of that:
1) Guess which company is one of the companies that sends more students to IE Blended MBAs every year?
2) Guess what top consulting companies are doing to empower their employees intellectually?
Jul, 2013
Apr, 2013
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