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Courage for Beginners

No description

Dawn Thayer

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Courage for Beginners

Courage for Beginners
Author: Karen Harrington
Genre: Fiction

Presentation by:
Setting and main characters
The setting of this book is Mysti Murphy's house and Beatty Middle School in Texas. The main characters in this book are Mysti Murphy, Anibal Gomez, Rama Khan, Laura Murphy, and finally Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.
Plot summary
Isabella Thayer
This book is about a 7th grade girl named Mysti Murphy who imagines herself as a fictional character in a book. She believes this would help her deal with the problems in her life. She has to avoid her best friend Anibal Gomez in school. Anibal is trying to be popular and change his image just to impress a girl. Mysti needs courage to make new friends, help her family buy food, and take care of her mother and sister. The reason she needs to do all of this is because her mother has agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is when someone is scared to leave the comforts of there home because they think that problems will occur. Also Mysti's dad went to the hospital with a severe concussion after he fell out of a tree. Throughout the whole book he never leaves the hospital. Mrs.Murphy had never told Mysti about her being agoraphobic until at the end of the book she finally tells her about it and what it means.Throughout the entire book it took Mysti at lot of courage,but she got through it.
The theme of Courage for Beginners is that it's possible to find courage within yourself to help deal with some of the most difficult problems faced in life.Some of the ways the author describes this theme is when Mysti's dad got a concussion. Mysti shows courage within herself because she had to step up, be brave and help her mother take care of her family while her dad was healing. Another example of when the author described the theme was when Mysti was getting teased by Anibal. She showed courage because even though she was getting teased she didn't let that stop her from going to school. Although her feelings were hurt, she would not stay home just to get away from him. One more example of when the author describes this theme was when Mysti had to make new friends. She was courageous because at the time everyone all ready had groups that they were in but Mysti didn't. After a few days Mysti became close friends with Rama. After that they hung out at lot and had each others backs. Rama help Mysti when Anibal was teasing her. This is a true act of friendship.
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