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who benefited in the fur t

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jaheim bridge

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of who benefited in the fur t

who benefited in the fur trade
The people that benefited in the early stages of the fur trade were the europeans and the first nations
who were metis
The metis were the children of the first nations and europeans by the eighteenth century the children were raised by both the first nation and european parents
what effect did smallpox have on the first nations
Small pox were a disease that came with the europeans when the arrived in Canada.There was no cure for this disease and it killed 3/4 of the first nations that 75 percent
the coureur de bois
The coureur de bois are europeans that stayed Canada to trade with the first nations to trade for furs but eventually they decided to get the furs for them selves and earned the name [coureur de bois] which means runner of the woods.
this is a map showing the interactions between the first nations and europeans
what they traded
The europeans wanted to get the skills ,technology,traps transport and there furs.But the first nations wanted metal goods from the europeans such as pots knives
first nation and europeans

how did the fur trade cause problems with first nations and europeans
The positive relation ship between euorapeans and first nations
why did the roman catholic church disapprove the coureur de bois
The church disapproved the coureur de bois because the church didn't like seeing young french men leave
They started with a good partner ship because they didn't want to start a war between the two of the groups. Also each side had something which they wanted
When the killed the animal to make fur pelts to sell to the europeans slowly all the animals started to die out

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