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Current Events♥

Acting as 'global citizens' PAWS takes in dogs from Iran! I ♥ BUTTON

Cindy Conrad

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Current Events♥

Japleen Rehill Current Events Reading And Oral Assignment The Iranian government is making a complete ban on dogs in the cities and suburbs. This has the Iranian shelter "Vafa Animal Shelter" struggling to find homes for the dogs in Iran. PAWS Companion Animal Shelter in Lynnwood has taken two dogs of the Iranian shelters hands and guaranty that they will take in more in the future. Their are many dogs that have been beaten and even killed in Iran. For such reasons, as being a street dog and getting run over by cars on the highway. Some dogs even with homes were hurt and taken away from their families. "Vafa Animal shelter" fights to give these dogs the best they can in Iran by providing them food, water, shelter, spay/neuter and care. PAWS has taken it upon them selves to find these dogs a better home. So far 60+ dogs have been re-homed in North America and Europe, PAWS fights to find more dogs their home-sweet-home outside of Iran and are now grouping with the U.S., as well. Let's hope PAWS achieves their goal and has all these dogs have a safe loving home to live in. Summary Or Comments. Thank You, and if you have any questions you may ask them. I can make a text-to-text connection to this article from another article I had read called, “Kenya trip leaves lasting impression on Vaughn teens.” This article was about how a group of teens from the Vaughn area had traveled to Kenya to build a school for the children in that village. The children had been real global citizens and helped out Kenya a lot, by building them a school for the children to attend and they had also made a change in the world by showing no matter what age you are you can still help out the environment. This article relates to my article a lot because; as you can see they both revolve around global citizenship. And like the teens from Vaughn had done a lot for the children of Kenya by building that school, PAWS and “Vafa Animal Shelter” had done the impossible for the dogs in Iran by saving them from harm and taking care of them by providing them food, shelter, and let’s not forget care. Text-To-Text Connection I can make a text-to-world connection to this article to the thousands of other dogs all around the world that don’t have caring families that love them and don’t get that much of a luxury life like dogs with families do. From experience of having a dog, I can tell that after reading this article that my dog and these dogs have a lot of differences. My dog unlike the dogs in Iran, has a warm shelter, a nice cozy bed, plenty of food, and is also given plenty of exercise by having a walk three times a day and the time span of 15 minutes each walk. While, the dogs in Iran and many other street dogs all around the world do not get a nice warm shelter, as much food as needed, nor a place they can call home. Like they say what is a house without a home because, a home and a house have a completely different definition. The dogs in Iran are grateful to have “Vafa Animal Shelter” and PAWS taking care of them and having both these animal shelter kind enough to find these dogs new homes all around the world. But, despite all these supporting animal shelters all these dogs are the same, alone, helpless, and not cared for. So, like good global citizens we should all make a change to get these dogs the lives they deserve. Text-To-World Connection I can make a text-to-self connection to this article from the time I had also acted like a global citizen and rescued an animal. I had been on a hike with my brother in my creek (I don’t own a creek it’s my backyard). While, me and my brother were hiking we saw something move from a near distance. We went to go check it out. What we had found was a cat eating a dead rat. My brother had been looking at places to volunteer and he had the phone number for an animal shelter on his phone. So, we had called the animal shelter and they had come to rescue the cat. We went to go check on the cat a week later while my brother went to go volunteer at the very same shelter and the cat had got its shoots and look extremely happy in the shelter. I had felt really proud, that very moment. Knowing I had given that cat a better home, and saved it from harm from the many other animals in the creek such as, coyotes and foxes. This is a good connection to relate to my article because, both stories are very similar in the article the two animal shelters ‘Vafa Animal Shelter” and PAWS had worked together to save those dogs in Iran and give them a better life. I had also, done a good dead and saved that poor, innocent cat and took it out of harm. Text-To-Self Connection Reflect Questions I had after reading this article. Acting as 'global citizens', PAWS takes in dogs from Iran From King5.com September 19 2012 Shabnam the first dog to be rescued How do dog owners feel about this soon to be new law? Will the government ever approve of this law? How would this affect the dogs of Iran and the ones that don't get adopted? What I believe should happen next? I believe after reading this article that other countries such as Canada and the U.S. should fight against Iran and make them remove or get the law disproved of. Why did I chose this article? I have chosen this article because, I found it very interesting and appealing to me as well its something I was totally against so, I wanted to bring it to the classroom to see if you guys had the same opinion of the topic as I did. Vafa Animal Shelter Recent Video
The Iranian government is proposing a complete ban on dogs in the cities and suburbs, and this has the country’s shelters struggling to find the animals new homes abroad.
PAWS Companion Animal Shelter in Lynnwood took in two of the dogs from Vafa Animal Shelter and they say they may take in more in the future. A Border Collie mix named Shabnam (Farasi for “morning dew”) became the first PAWS rescue. After flying 19 hours in a cargo hold from Tehran to Seattle, she was frightened and visibly shaken upon arrival, but within a week she was adopted and is now living happily in her new home. A second dog was also adopted within a week.
PAWS spokesman Mark Coleman says the shelter was one of several asked by the Humane Society International to take in a few dogs. Coleman said while the focus of PAWS has always been serving the local community, they still have the ability to take in transfers from other state and local shelters. Last year they took in more than 1,000 cats and dogs from shelters around Washington State.
“In the case of the Iranian dogs, we were just one of several shelters asked by the Humane Society International to take a small number of these animals,” he said. “The commitment required for these animals was small compared to the other 3,000-plus cats and dogs we found homes for last year."
“So when you look at the big picture, this was simply an opportunity to be good ‘global citizens’ at a time when we had the space, the manpower, and the resources.” Farah Ravon, Vafa Animal Shelter’s US Representative, says the actual law in Iran banning dogs has not yet been passed, but police take it upon themselves to harass people who have pets. “The latest we've heard is just a few days ago, police went to an apartment complex which houses many feral cats and residents who own pet dogs, they beat up an older woman and took away her Shih Tzu,” she said. “The family is still desperately trying every avenue to get their dog back and have had no luck yet.” Ravon says most dogs do not ever have a chance to be adopted in Iran. “Culturally, people of Iran have no interest in street dogs,” she said. Vafa is located in Hashtgerd, about a 90-minute drive west of Tehran. The shelter says hundreds of stray dogs struggle to survive in the area, and since they are not altered, they constantly reproduce. Cars often hit dogs as they cross busy highways. Not all die immediately - some linger in agonizing pain on the roadside for days until they finally perish. The shelter takes in as many dogs as they can. They provide food, water and shelter – and spay/neuter. “So far 60+ have been re-homed in North America and Europe, and now with help of wonderful groups in the U;S., we hope to help more dogs find their forever loving homes outside of Iran,” said Ravon. Copy of Article
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