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Water Scarcity in Querétaro

No description

Adriana Delgado

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Water Scarcity in Querétaro

Agent Water Scarcity in
Querétaro Challenges
- Educating kids
- Changing the way
of living & thinking
of people
- Designing the
- Boost a new Law -Global warming
-Illegal connections
-Population growth
-Industrial development REASONS -According to the newspaper “El Economista”, the consumption of water in Querétaro is of 2.2 cm3 per second.

-Nowadayss the city is provided of water from the Acueducto II, this infrastructure brings water from the Moctezuma’s river.

-According to experts, Moctezuma’s water
should be able to provide water to the
metropolitan area of the state for 30 years. -The 98% of Queretaro’s population consumption is from 150 to 200 liters of water per day.

-According to the INEGI the population to 2010 was 1,827,937.

-This means that the population (without industries) uses ~4166.7 liters per second, to this number we need to add the consumption of the industrial sector.

-In addition the director of the CEA, Habib Wejebe Moctezuma, said that there is an average of 4,000 illegal connections of water
in the metropolitan area. -The main factor that causes the water deficit is the
lack of culture in the well use of the water.

-The aquifers located in Querétaro are under 300m and is polluted water that can´t be used by humans and it treatment is way too expensive. -Our main purpose is to inform people about the situation of water scarcity in Querétaro
-If people do not understand what is going on, they will never act
-Education is always a key factor
-Water scarcity in Querétaro is not a matter to be underestimated.
-Water is the most basic necessity.
-If a government cannot provide citizens with it, the city’s development would be compromised in every aspect,
as well as the quality of life of the people who live there
-It is necessary that people in Querétaro understand the dimension
of the problem and be conscientious about it.
-Also, to inform what can be done in order to solve, or at least minimize the problem.
-The purpose of this is to create an action plan strong enough to improve the actual situation of water scarcity in Querétaro.
-Working with people who understand the problem
-Citizens opinion -To create a Plan of Action with long term solutions and present it to the authorities as a proposal to improve the situation of the problem in the state
-Education in the use of water
-Bilingual campaigns for indigenous communities
-Use of media
-Shocking marketing Specific Purpose General Purpose ISLA URBANA is an organization that is giving workshops and community events with the objective to spread the rational use of water. The workshops that this organization provides to the Mexican population talk about education on water care and also they though how to store rain water. Creation and implementation of campaigns in order to educate people about water care. Promote the continuous maintenance of water infrastructure Join CONAGUA and societies like Amigos del Agua. Demand to the local government a new law, forcing big industries with high water consumes, a water treatment plant. Benefits
- Society with
water care culture
- Punishment on
wasting water
- Good distribution of
water América Aispuro, A01111422
Adriana Delgado, A00988493
Gerardo Mora, A01220535 Context Defined Issue
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