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Why Peepiceek the hamster rocks

all about my hamster

claire romine

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of Why Peepiceek the hamster rocks

Peepiceek the Hamster And her awesome owner, Claire Romine This, friends, is Peepiceek's butt, the day we brought her home Closeup! I thought it would be cute, but it ended up kinda blurry, and she didn't like the flash Obviously, it's Easter. I thought it would be funny. Easter still. See, it's like she's hatching from a plastic egg! This is around when we first got her Me, just to give you a picture of what I look like Me and her, hidden in the grass Safari hamster! It's just Easter grass, chill. Peepiceek and her sister Valentina. They hate each other now, and click when they're near. But hey, at least I got the peaceful moments on tape. Run run run, as fast as you can! History I have always wanted a hamster. For 3 years. On Christmas, it seemed like that dream would come true. We got one at last, and I named it Reapicheap. Reapicheap died a week after we brought her home. I was devasted. On my birthday, in Febuary, Mom got me Peepiceek and Valentina for my little sister. And we lived happily ever after. Why are their names so weird? Truth to be told, my first hamster was name Reapicheep
after the mouse in Narnia. Reapicheep died in the book
and is replaced by a mouse named Peapiceek. Reapicheep
the hamster died and so next replaced by Peepiceek.
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