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Montgomery High School Gym Best Value Project

Design-Build Request for Proposal for Sweetwater High School District Lusardi Construction Company Davy Architecture

Perriann Hodges

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Montgomery High School Gym Best Value Project

Highlights Multi Level Gym Design Expansive Gym
Circulation The Hall of
Champions Clerestory
Windows Light
the Gym Building Massing for Optimum Energy Performance Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials for 100 years Curb Appeal Enhanced with New Building Modify Gym / Classroom Program for HVAC Savings New Fencing at Library East Retaining Wall Demolish Existing Gym and Drama Building Canopies and Columns Relocate Palm Ave Driveway and Marque Sign Relocate Administration Existing Condition Key Plays Team Roster Bonus Plays Playbook August 20, 2012 September 27, 2012 February 25, 2013 March 15, 2013 November 29, 2013 Game Plan Classroom Gym East Elevation West Elevation North Elevation South Elevation Section Looking West Section Looking South Section Looking North Section Looking East North Elevation West Elevation South Elevation East Elevation Site Gym Entry Locker Rooms Fitness - Classrooms Physical Education Pavement Light Design October 12, 2012 Super Graphics
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