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The Baby's Badass Burgers Franchise Oppty Dec 2012

No description

Mariel Miller

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Baby's Badass Burgers Franchise Oppty Dec 2012

Steps to
Ownership Request for Consideration
Phone Consultation
Franchise Disclosure Document
Discovery Day
Feb New Franchise Training Our Story Babys Badass Burgers Social Media Explosion Why Business Ownership with Baby's Brands? Gourmet Meals, Catering & Experience Baby’s Badass Burgers is a playfully unique and entertaining mobile burger concept that sells reasonably priced but high quality gourmet burgers served by a fun, friendly and attractive staff ... Giving our guests an absolutely delicious burger and fun experience that sets us apart from other catering trucks but other burger joints and restaurants as well! Media Darling:
Baby's Badass Burgers has been a leader in the mobile food truck movement by offering a never-before-seen combination of high quality cuisine, glamour, and originality ... all served up on a mobile food truck! Baby's delivers an excellent product at a reasonable price point and is also convenient. The Baby's brand has nearly 16,000 twitter followers and has been featured on acclaimed networks such as The Cooking Channel and Food Network and made appearances on shows such as "The Defenders" and HBO's "Entourage". Our customers range from corporate executives to college students and late night revelers looking to satisfy their gourmet burger craving. Baby's is an experience that is both fun and satisfying. Not only do we enjoy repeat customers from our unique routing of "street runs", but we have built a reputable name for ourselves in the event world. We can cater corporations, private residences or special events and our repeat clients are proof that Baby’s Badass Burgers is anything but an ordinary burger concept. With a proven-successful sales history, a superior product, excellent branding and marketability, Baby's seeks to become a national leader in the Food Truck Franchising market and have a fleet of trucks in viable cities across America. In every trendsetting destination spot and highly-populated city in America, one will find a guaranteed feel-good food experience at a Baby's truck. Welcome – From Babys Brands Franchise Group
Mariel Miller, National Director Franchise Expansion
Erica Cohen & Lori Barbera Co-Founders

Our Story Erica Cohen
Franchising, Vision and Opportunity
Gourmet Burger Business
Catering & Events Business
Celeb's & Social Media
Territory, technology, financing
Initial investment, FDD
Charter Franchisee Bonus
Steps to Business Ownership A Taste of Baby's Franchise Webinar The Mobile Food Truck Explosion
Food trucks are all the rage across the country, rolling into 35 cities, parking on college and corporate campuses, at music festivals, nightclubs, wedding receptions, and farmers markets just to name a few. In a recent study by Technomic, which tracks the food industry, 91% of consumers familiar with food trucks say they view them as no passing fad. Revolutionizing the way urban Americans get their meals, food trucks are here to stay. With Baby's Badass Burgers, you can get in on the action! We're here to provide you with the platform, product, and service that you need to succeed. Early Entry Incentive
We're looking for motivated business owners who want to get this brand moving in their city - come on board the Baby's brand in the first eighteen months and we'll give you two trucks and a generous territory. Multi-unit opportunities available for those who are qualified and motivated to develop a Baby's Badass Burgers enterprise. Quality Candidates: We are currently granting franchises to qualified franchise candidates that have strong business goals, a passion for customer service and impeccable personal standards in select markets nationally. As Strategic Partners, our franchisees are well supported and share in our exciting growth while building their businesses and enjoying the lifestyle and freedom that comes with business ownership. Expert Training
After you have been approved and have signed your Franchise Agreement, you will start a unique training program. The program involves an innovative combination of both classroom interaction and practical work on a fully operational Baby's truck. You will be trained in all aspects of the business; customer service, hospitality, food preparation and safety, quality, methods of cost control, employee scheduling and management, recruiting and retention of employees, maintenance, budgeting and event marketing and execution. Baby's Badass Burgers catering business enjoys multiple revenue streams. All markets are unique, and our multi-channel business model allows a franchise owner flexibility to maximize the distinguishing factors of their market, while managing street runs for core business success.

The catering and event business is lucrative and growing, including:

Birthday Parties for Adults
Birthday Parties for Children
Corporate Events
Holiday Events
Family Gatherings
Neighborhood Events
College Private Events
Baby's Exclusive School Fundraising Program Public events are another sweet-spot for Babys Badass Burgers Gourmet Food Truck! You can choose to stay busy by scheduling your business around your areas:

Sporting Events
Arena Events
Street Fairs
County Parks Events
Holiday Celebrations
Parades, Parks & Picnics
Public Events at Colleges
Baby's own industry revolution....Unique, Highly Profitable & Proprietary "Glam Trucker Events"
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