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Making a Book Trailer

No description

Megan Biddle

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Making a Book Trailer

Everyone has ideas!
Gather Your Content
Write Your Script

Windows Movie Maker


DHS Video Production Room - Sony Vegas

You have made
your first book trailer
Making a Book Trailer
Listen Combine Agree
What's it going to look like? How will it flow?
Pick a mood the trailer will have (drama, action, thriller, mysterious, romantic, etc.)

Do we want...

pictures or motion film?
text or narration?
what kind of background music will help promote our trailer?
who will be our cast members?
What to include:
Title, Author
"The Hook" - Make others WANT to run out and read this book!
Narrative Arc: Beginning, Middle, End*
*tip: don't give the ending away!
Credits: student actors, producer, editor, etc.
- Must use MLA format (hello, NoodleTools!) for anything that you did not personally make - i.e., pictures, photos, music)
Be Creative!
Document, Document, Document!
Be Mindful of Copyrights!
It is now ready to be published and viewed by your classmates!
Q. I found it on Google, so isn't it okay?
A. NO! You will often come across things in Google Images or Google Video that have been illegally reproduced

Q. So, what should I do?
A. Use resources that look for sounds and music that do not violate copyright (Creative Commons, American Memory, etc.)

Q. I found a song from one of the links off the high school page, so that means I don't have to cite it, right?
A. Not necessarily. Most of the cotent has their own rules, so be sure to review their disclaimers

Q. What if there's a song, a TV show, or movie that I downloaded on my iPod that I want to use?
I bought it on iTunes, so don't I own it?
A. NOPE. Copyright law allows you to use only a certain, specific, amount of copyrighted material.
You MUST abide by the following rules of Fair Use:

*Music, Lyrics= UP TO ten percent (10%) OR 30 seconds - whichever one is less*

Q. This is all too complicated. I don't feel like dealing with copyright and doing a works cited. Isn't
there an easier way?
A. YEAH! Avoid all the legal mumbo-jumbo by creating your own images, videos, sounds and music!
Questions about Copyright
For detailed copyright guidelines, audio, and video resources, visit:


Where to begin?!
Add effects and transitions
General Rules of Thumb:
Around 2 minutes of video
Don't go overboard - simple is sometimes better
How do you want to change from one scene to the next? (fade to black, overlays, turning pages, etc. )
Storyboard your ideas FIRST.
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