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Robert E Lee Presentation

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Ann Weber

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Robert E Lee Presentation

Facts Robert E. Lee Rank:
Colonel (USA)
General (CSA) How he Died Robert Lee died in Lexington when he was in his early 60's. He died from a stroke. His death occurred when he got home from a meeting on September 28th, 1870. He returned home and took his spot for his regular afternoon tea. He opened his mouth to say grace, but no words came out, and he was carried away from that spot. People were surprised and were not sure why he had a stroke because he was in nearly perfect health. Bibliography Robert E Lee Who he was Robert Edward Lee was a very important man in the Civil War. He was the commander of the confederate (South) side of the war. He was born on January 19th, 1807 and died October 12th, 1870. He served in the United States army for 32 years and did many incredible things. As you will see, he was a valuable man in the war, and was dedicated to serving for the United States of America. His Accomplishments Three of Robert E Lee's main accomplishments were:
Graduating from West Point (second in his class) and when war broke out, joined the South side
In 1862 he became the official general of the South and became famous for leading the army to a series of victories over the larger, better supplied North.
Being considered the most famous general in the American civil war Robert Lee's Family Henry Lee III (Robert Lee's father) was not as well known as his son, but he was not unknown either. He was the ninth governor of Virginia and served in the military. He did not take care of his finances and led his family to poverty. He died when Robert was very young.

Anne Hill Carter Lee(Lee's mother) was not so famous as some of her family, but she took care of them and loved her husband and son while they were fighting in the war. http://www.womenhistoryblog.com/2011/02/ann-hill-carter-lee.html His position in the War http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/Robert_E_Lee_death.htm Robert E Lee started out his military career by going to West Point, which is a military training school. He then spent seventeen years serving as an officer in the Corps of Engineers inspecting construction. From 1852 to 1855, Lee served as the superintendent of West Point. Later, Abraham Lincoln offered Lee the command of Federal Forces, which he declined and instead accepted a general's commission of the newly formed confederate army, which fought in the Civil War. Once the Civil War ended, Lee returned home and later became the president of Washington College until his death. http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/biographies/robert-e-lee.html Some Battles He Fought
September 11–13 – Union victory

6/25/1862 to 7/1/1862 – Inconclusive
Oak Grove – Draw (Union withdrawal.)
Beaver Dam Creek – Union victory
Gaine’s Mill – Confederate victory
Savage’s Station – Draw
Glendale – Draw (Union withdrawal.)
Malvern Hill – Union victory

8/28/1862 to 8/30/1862 Confederate victory

9/16/1862 to 9/18/1862 – Inconclusive

7/1/1863 – Union Victory

3/29/1865 – Union victory – General Robert E. Lee Surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant. http://www.thefreeresource.com/robert-e-lee-biography-facts-quotes-and-resources Thanks For Watching! Years of service: 1829–61 (USA) 1861–65 (CSA) Wars that Robert E. Lee was in:
Mexican–American War
Harpers Ferry Raid
American Civil War There are sixteen schools named after Lee http://www.thefreeresource.com/robert-e-lee-biography-facts-quotes-and-resources 1862 seven days 1861 Cheat Mountain Second Manassas Antietam Gettysburg 1865 Appomattox campaign
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