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SMRI & GIG Consulting


Tiffany Tee

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of SMRI & GIG Consulting

SMRI The Future of RESEARCH Capabilities Presentation & GIG Consulting Founded in 1995, The Sport Management Research Institute (SMRI) has created the most wide ranging in-depth fan engagement and brand evaluation tools available for the sports event industry. SMRI uses large amount of custom data collected from on-site research to provide the best possible brand awareness portraits for some of the world's largest sports and entertainment brands/events, all customized for each client. The SMRI studies are key for gauging effective trends, successes and opportunities for the consumer, brands, teams, leagues, and events. About SMRI About GIG Consulting The sister company, GIG Consulting, which assists with the cultivation of baseline data intelligence offered through SMRI services, has had a very successful ongoing relationship with the NFL with the establishment/creation of guest service platforms and effective fan outreach campaigns. "Teams, leagues, and brands are really hyper-focused these days on making sure they are doing all that they can to have a pristine experience for fans, and our work helps them make sure that they are staying up to speed and ahead of the curve (e.g. operationally and with in-game technology advances) in that experiential measurement," said Dr. Davis, President and CEO of SMRI and CEO for GIG Consulting. "Our expanded event work in 2011 really showed that we are helping the industry grow by creating the right measurement tools, and that our formulas to gauge success are reflective of what the fan is saying. It was a great year for our companies and for sports overall". Who is Generation Y? As we begin to conduct research with not just a group, but a generation, it is important to understand the unique qualities and characteristics which construct the foundation for the powerful demands and decisions that will be made in the future. Let's take a brief look at what Generation Y appears to be today... ,,,and complete the list with data and a new understanding that is innovative, informative, business forward, and award winning. Born between 1980 - 2000 Now the largest population Future of "purchasing power" A Glimpse of the Sport Social Network Future Landscape.... Research Overview Secondary Research Primary Research Generation Y Profile Data Mining - Facebook Focus Groups Determined... Feedback on flow and complexity of draft survey Generation Y Survey 50,000 respondents surveyed bi-monthly
Survey Questions & Platform guided by SMRI Gen Y Team Sample Data Mining - Daily Routines What television programs did you watch during the week/weekend? Further Research STATS... Over 500 million active users worldwide (logged in within last 30 days)
100 million active users in the US
56 million US females
44 million US males Gen Y on Facebook
26 million US users between 18-24 yrs old
25.6 million US users between 25-34 yrs old Facebook Tree
Users add "networks" to their profile to find friends in the same area
Ex: San Diego, University of Southern California
Each Facebook user has the ability to add friends and "like" pages
By "liking" a page:
Users gain access to that page's information and updates
A link to that page added to the users page for friends/public to see
Users have the ability to "suggest" pages to their friends Why partner with SMRI Gen Y Hybrid Research Platform? Recap: Gen Y 2011 Data Trend Activation Strategies... Define Gen Y Segment 10 - 30 Cusp Gen Y Segment Targeted Tap Avid Facebook users Passionate-Drawn to Action Sports Gen Y Segment SMRI Gen Y Hybrid Is the Future of Research SMRI & GIG... "Technology Focused Clients" SMRI & GIG ... Future Sport Marketplace Technology Focus SMRI & GIG Exclusive Research Platforms On-site Fan Intercept Interviews (pre/during/post event) Online Fan and/or Client Specific survey tools Focus Group, Town Hall Meetings, Management Leadership Seminars Guest Service Platform Development (Platform Development and Staff Training) Economic Impact, Community Impact Studies Fan Experience Audit Protocols Competitive Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies Market Segmentation Studies Our Service Most Requested by Sport Industry Professionals... The Fan Experience Audit The platform endpoints/deliverables are structured to enhance game-day service quality standards, equating to improved fan service levels, which will ultimately enhance revenue streams for vendors The Audit team not only provides qualitative/quantitative measures, but offers the specific venue Management team with suggestions/action plans for how to optimize service touch-points requiring adjustment on game-day. Many professionals in the industry refer to the Audit Platform as a mystery shopper on "steroids". On-Site Fan Experience Audit: Pre-Audit Focus Initial investigatory meeting to determine specific needs of team/event Establish plan of action, with customized event/team service touch points Pre-Audit call with team relevant stakeholders (further customization) On-Site Fan Experience Audit On-site Pre-Audit meeting with Event/Team Representative(s); if desired Audit team consist of at least three (3) experienced Audit Team Members Offers Exclusive Fan Engagement Card Portal call-outs with picture download during Audit for quick service fumble recovery Offer all Audit photos and videos in guest portal for additional photo documentation and selection (minimum 150 photos per audit). On-Site Fan Experience Audit: Post Audit Procedures/Deliverables Next day de-brief meeting with event/team representative(s) to discuss pressing issue needing immediate attention (e.g. health code violations, staff member issues, etc) Deck presentation of pictures of the event service levels Detailed on-site audit notes and pictures available via the unique event PORTAL online within 48 hours of on-site Audit completion Detailed executive summary within 48 hours Final report will be available 7-10 business days after on-site Audit completion, hard copy or online version available Thank You 80 million US Gen Y 500 million India Gen Y 2 billion China Gen Y 25 million or approximately 35% of Turkey's population Here's what People are Saying about Us... "They uncovered things that our executive staff was not aware of going on on game day. With this information and pictures they provided we were able to make changes that affected our fans."
- Dave Cohen (Atlanta Falcons) "Their secret shopping techniques and abilities have lead to improved staff performance and accountability amongst our third party vendors."
- Pete Winemiller (Oklahoma City Thunder) "They uncover helpful demographic data that helped us understand our consumers better and how to target them more effectively to get them out to our events and optimizing the integration of the Red Bull brand."
- Ravi Rajcoomar (Red Bull USA) "US Open fan engagement research that helped make the experience of attending the Open more enjoyable and value laden for all who attended the Open year after year. "
- Sarah Wieneke, former Marketing Services Manager for the USTA "SMRI brought enormous value to the fan on-site experience at the Open...not to mention a huge revenue generator for the USTA crown jewel event and pivotal source of revenue for continued growth USTA National Youth Tennis Program development."
- Jay Snyder, former US Open Tournament Director "SMRI is awesome at what they do and their results speak volumes."
- Jim Foss, Senior VP and GM of Jobing.com Arena; Phoenix Coyotes Here is What People are Saying About Us: "SMRI's services were extremely valuable to me during my tenure as US Open director. Their work with us during the time we built and opened the new Arthur Ashe Stadium and the reconstructed Billie Jean King National Tennis Center helped us to ensure that our tournament operations met the needs of the US Open players, our fans, our staff, and our tennis/sports loving TV viewers around the world. SMRI's annual surveys provided us with baseline data and yearly trends to allow us to improve on our strengths and address weaknesses and problem areas. The US Open now enjoys the highest attendance of any annual sporting event in the world along with a worldwide television audience and continues to grow. SMRI continues to be a key contributor to this New York sporting event's success story."
- Jay Snyder
former Director, US Open Tennis Championships (SMRI is) awesome at what (they) do and (their) results speaks volumes.
- Jim Foss
General Manager, Jobing.com Arena/Phoenix Coyotes "SMRI worked with the Falcons last season on a game day audit, providing an evaluation of the doorstep to doorstep experience. I valued the information and the research we received from Kathleen and her team probably more than any other form of research we have conducted. The reason- it was real, unbiased and came within the confines of our fan base. For the game they audited, Kathleen and her team were the eyes and ears of our fans. We found some real blindspots and had we not known, we would not have been able to fix. The end result was - happier fans, which was our ultimate goal. I would recommend Kathleen's services to any team, league or venue."
- Dave Cohen
former Vice President of Sales and Service, Atlanta Falcons "The Jaguars and SMRI have worked over the last several years to develop a guest services program to enhance the fan experience at EverBank Field. Our guest services program today includes training, a game day staff rewards program, unique techniques for the game day staff to engage and reward fans, Fan Town Hall Meetings, and an extensive guest feedback platform to identify and respond to guest service errors. This program was one of the key reasons the Jaguars were ranked number one in the NFL for customer satisfaction, and in fans feeling valued by the organization."
- Bill Prescott
CEO and SVP of Stadium Operations, Jacksonville Jaguars "US Open fan engagement research that helped make the experience of attending the Open more enjoyable and value laden for all those who attend the Open year after year."
- Sarah Wieneke
former Marketing Services Manager, USTA "They uncover helpful demographic data that helped us understand our consumers better and how to target them more effectively to get them out to our events and optimizing the integration of the Red Bull brand."
- Ravi Rajcoomar
Red Bull USA
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