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No description

kmberly petrowicz

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Cosmetology

If I want to find a job in the cosmetic field, I need to understand the basics of cosmetology, be open to learning and trying new styles, and being able to gain a good sense of business management.
What happens in a salon throughout the day
Cutting and styling hair is not all that happens in the cosmetic field, There are many things in the field , Makeup being one of them. Makeup is a job that isn't always seen. You can find makeup company in the mall such as, M.A.C. , SEPHORA, etc.
Basic Tools
Why I Choose Cosmetology
At a young age I've always found doing anything from hair to nails interesting. My aunt was working towards her cosmetology license, and whenever she learned something she would always come around to teaching me what she had learned, she became my inspiration in cosmetology and over time I realized I wanted to peruse cosmetology as my career.

Kimberly Petrowicz

Inspects and analysis hair, skin, and scalp to recommend treatment.
discuss hairstyle options
wash, color, lighten and condition hair
chemically change hair texture
cut, dry, style hair
receive payment for client
clean and disinfect all tools and work area
two types of capes
round brushes
butterfly clips
carbon and cutting comb
hair styling kit
blow dyer
tint bowl & dye brushes
manicure set
finger bowl
hot tools
spay bottle
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