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Comparing Fractions

This is not a stand-alone presentation. Teacher-mediation is still needed.

Edmarie Querubin

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Comparing Fractions

Look at these road signs.
I know you can see a fraction in this "No Left Turn" sign!
How about this railroad sign?
Hi fellas! Let's move forward to our next topic about fractions. Hmm... I wonder which fractions are greater or smaller than the other.
You're right! It's 1/2
Yes! It's 1/4.
Now can you tell me which has a greater part?
What part of my volleyball is color red?
How about mine?
Which of their volleyballs has greater red part?
Why should I choose the pink lemonade over the yellow one?
By peeking through the windows, which side of the house has more lights on?
Is the red part of the violet house's roof greater than or less than the red part of the blue house's roof?
I see fractions in these flags. Which has the greatest red part? Which flag has the smallest fraction that represents the red part?
I think I'll go with the pizza on my right. Do you know why?
They said I can only have one slice, and... I'm really hungry. Which pie should I get my slice from?
Which silo has more hay in it?
How can you tell which supermarket owner likes the color yellow more?
I hope you had fun! :)
I had fun. This is my smiling face.
I want to say thank you to the following:
Kheong, F. H., 2nd Edition (2012). My Pals are Here Teacher's Handbook. Marshall Cavendish Education
Kheong, F. H., Choo, M., 2nd Edition (2012). My Pals are Here 3B Textbook. Marshall Cavendish Education
Mcmillan, B. Eating Fractions. blog.richmond.edu/
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