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The customer journey - tasks for DMOs?

No description

Anna Čillíková

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of The customer journey - tasks for DMOs?

The customer journey - tasks for DMOs?
The tasks for DMO
The customer journey
The customer journey and tasks for DMOs

a professional services company that possesses endless local understanding, expertise and resources
co-ordinated management of all elements that make up a destination
the umbrella term for those organizations that are responsible for increasing visitor arrivals to destinations
The Future Role of DMOs
Provide leadership and advocacy for tourism
Actively lead and manage the destination brand
Establish a sound digital platform (internet marketing, mobile and social media)
Ensure that partners are optimizing their product distribution, digital opportunities and cross-selling
Align and integrate with other forms of place marketing such as economic development and relocation, cultural and recreation planning
Grow the collective capacity of the destination and its partners
Enhance community and stakeholder awareness of the benefits of tourism
Involvement in product development
The customer journey
The customer journey
and tasks for DMOs
Anna Čillíková
Tourism and Regional Planning

destination promotion, including branding and image
campaigns to drive business, particularly to SME
unbiased information services
operation / facilitation of bookings
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Product Management
destination coordination and management for visitor quality of experience
definition of the destinations prime product (groups)
product "start-ups", product development
events development and management
attractions development and management
Creating a suitable environment
planning and infrastructure
human resources development
product development
technology and systems development
related industries and procurement
1. Planning
2. Information
3. Design of tourist offer
4. Marketing communication
5. Sale
6. Lobbying

Tasks of a DMO
The customer journey
Thank you for your attention!
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