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Dictation Tests: Student Instructions

No description

Beth Rivera

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Dictation Tests: Student Instructions

A mistake. She made a mistake. But Jonas knew, even as he had the thought, that she hadn't. The Chief Elder made no mistakes. Not at the Ceremony of Twelve. Dictation Tests That Friday Thing that Lasts All Week Long Write to Learn Conference 2012 Kelly Middle School A presentation by Thomas Ratledge 5. Create interest in good literature 4. Build vocabulary 3. Practice spelling, punctuation & capitalization 2. Improve proofreading skills 1. Improve listening skills Why Dictation Tests? Select a passage excerpt from a novel excerpt from short story excerpt from a grammar book What does the teacher do? excerpt from a text book other Read the passage as it should be read Dictate read it in parts so you can write what I say Read it one more time so you can make changes Finally, I will give you the passage to identify your errors Grade Analyze Listen Write down what is being dictated Look for mistakes Identify errors What do you, the student, do? Let's look at an example from The Giver by Lois Lowry Miss Mackle said that Room 2B was putting on a Thanksgiving play for the parents.
"I want to be Squanto," I said. "I want to show the Pilgrims how to plant corn with dead fish bodies."
"Okay, Doug, you can be Squanto."
"I want to be the dead fish body," Harry said. It was still dark out when Judy woke up early the next morning. She tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen and started to save the world.
She hoped she could save the world before breakfast. Mrs. Granger stood up ubruptly and said, "Then that is all for today, Nicholas. And may the best word win."
There was a frown on her face, but her eyes were different, almost happy.
Nick was halfway down the hall before it hit him. She likes this war, and she wants to win real bad! Punctuation of sentences Punctuation of contractions Capitalization of proper nouns Punctuation of commas for an interrupting expression Paragraphing Foreshadowing Mood Characterization What can be done with this passage? What GLEs Are Covered? W2E2c W2E4c W2E6d W2E5a W2C7c R1F7c R2C8b R2C5b The Point? That's eight different mini-lessons that can be taught next week, all referring back to this one passage! Eight different GLEs can be covered from just one short passage. It's right here Let's look at more examples from Horrible Harry in Room 2B by Suzy Kline from Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald from Frindle by Andrew Clements LS1B R1C3 R1E4c R1F3b R1H5b,c,f R2B3 R2C3b,e,g,h W2Eb,d LS1A3 LS2 R1C R1C R1E R1F R2B R1H R2C W2E LS1 LS2 LS1 W2E R2C R1H R2B R1F R1E tratledg@kelly.k12.mo.us Please take out a piece of notebook paper...
Now let's try one on your own... ...and a pencil ...with NO SPIRAL FRINGE Here we go!!! And awaaaayy we go!!! I said NO SPIRAL FRINGE!!!!
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