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Final exam Term 1, 2013 Prep

No description

Angelina Laing

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Final exam Term 1, 2013 Prep

WRS 061 Term 2, 2013
Final Exam Guidelines.

Worth: 40%
Duration: 2 hours and 10 mins of reading time
Materials allowed:English-English Dictionaries
(no electronic dictionaries allowed)

For revision and exam preparations, kindly collect the 4 materials/readings at GP 2 Admin Area on 14 & 15 November, (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)

You must only cite from the materials provided.

Essay Format
Option 1.
Genre: Cause & Effect
Option 2.
Genre: Persuasive
Write a 700 word academic essay within 2 hour time, based on a theme/topic. (40%)

2 options, choose ONLY ONE. (either to write a Cause and Effect Essay or a Persuasive Essay)

At least ONE citation for EACH Body Paragraph.

Citations are not required for Introduction, Transition, and Conclusion.
Option 1: C&E format
-3 paragraphs discussing the 3 causes (at least 1 citation for each paragraph)
-3 paragraphs discussing the 3 effects (at least 1 citation for each paragraph)
-Reference List (copy the Reference List from the exam booklet)
Option 2: Persuasive format
-2 Counter Argument Paragraphs (at least 1 citation for each paragraph)
-3 Argumentative Paragraphs (at least 1 citation for each paragraph)
-Reference List (copy the Reference List from the exam booklet)
Kindly refer to the marking guides for detailed format
Exam preparations/Revision tips.
Based on the 4 materials provided, brainstorm possible causes and effects; and counter arguments and arguments.

You may use all given articles for citations, or minimum 3 articles.

Do not cite from any other articles but you may do extra readings to provide you with better background knowledge on the topic discussed.

Decide on which format you are comfortable with (C&E or PE).

Write a draft essay with at least one citation for each body paragraph.

Acknowledge each citation with the in text referencing.

The in text referencing must be accurate (Chicago Author-Date 16th Edition Referencing style)

Be sure your citations are legitimately paraphrased.


You may work in small groups if convenient.
During exam tips.
Be sure you are at the right venue, check your final exam schedule, date/time and venue.

Bring your student ID, otherwise you will not be granted an entry.

You are not allowed to bring the articles in the exam venue as fresh copies of the same materials will be provided to you.

During the 10 min reading time, read the Issue Question, decide on which essay option, and quickly brainstorm the main ideas. Highlight the sections in the readings you will use as citations.

When exam time commences, do not spend too much time on the Introduction. You only have 2 hours to write a 700 word academic essay.

Remember you need at least ONE CITATION for each body paragraph. No citation is required in the Introduction, Transition, and Conclusion.

Provide in text referencing for each citation.

Remember to also expand your body paragraphs using your own logical reasoning/opinions as supporting details.

Provide a Reference List by copying the Reference List provided in the exam booklet.
More tips.
Be sure your handwriting is intelligible/readable.

Your essay must not exceed 1000 words.

Your citations must be legitimately paraphrased and acknowledged with accurate in text referencing. Poor paraphrasing and failing to acknowledge sources risk plagiarism.

NO ELECTRONIC DICTIONARY. Only print English-English dictionary is allowed.

Your essay must follow the format required (either Cause&Effect or Persuasive). Study closely the 2 formats and the marking guidelines provided in this presentation.
Any queries regarding the final exam, email: angelina.laing@curtin.edu.my
Good luck!
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