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Narrative Writing Tricks

Simple ways to improve narrative writing.

M Etter

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of Narrative Writing Tricks

Wowzering Writing
Tips and Tricks that will breath life
into your writing.

Figurative Language
Hyphenated Modifier
Magic 3
Specific Details
for Effect
Use simile or metaphor to form images in the reader's mind.
Fusing a group of words
(with a hyphen) to
function as 1 adjective.
Use 3 adjectives, nouns, or verbs
together in order to add detail.
Use specific details
to create a better visual
for the reader
Hyphenated Modifier Examples
I forgot to warn him about the whole scorching-your-thighs-on-the-car-seat thing.

I was planning on coercing him to help me despite the you-could-fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk temperatures.

Allison plunged into the water with her nothing-can-hold-me-back attitude.
Specific Details for Effect Examples
Short Sentence Samples
We began to see Max’s age take over his
body as he stared up the basement steps,
as if the stairwell was Kilimanjaro, and
he was on crutches.

His right eyelid is distorted like a sagging wrinkled prune.

Figurative Language
Magic 3 Examples
Since meeting Matt, I had secretly
believed he could be the one to
seal the void that only make-up,
credit cards, and cappuccinos had
attempted to fill before.

He had brown hair, brown eyes,
and bad teeth.

The farmer tans, sunglasses, and dirt-sticking-to-flesh season began.
Somewhere between the five dollars admission, the back of Matt’s head, and the blonde holding his hand, my plans had gone wrong.

We sat down, third aisle, right across from the large altar, near the good-looking choir girls.

A pair of blue baggy pants hung loosely around the energetic 53-year-old’s waist.

. He wore his customary leather jacket and leather gloves, even though it was a warm spring day.
Short Powerful Sentences
Never think for a moment
that a short simple sentence,
doesn’t pack a powerful punch!
Onomatopoeia Examples
Everyone dies.

At that moment, I was a child again.

I never knew love until the day I lost it.

One word describes Paul: delinquent.

Take it from me, never buy a used guitar.

October 28, 2015 was the best day of my life.
Use some onomatopoeia
so we can time travel with
you to the scene.
Make some noise!
Pounding the drums.
Teeth chattering, dogs growling,
Josie splashed in the water.
Buzzing of bees
Rustling leaves
The window crashed down
As the steaks sizzled on the grill,
Girls giggling
Hyphenated Modifier
A group of words joined together with hyphens to function as 1 adjective
Show, Don't Tell
The rule of "show, don’t tell"
means that your job as a
storyteller is not to interpret;
it’s to select revealing details. An easy way to accomplish showing and not telling, is to avoid linking verbs.
Instead of saying, " The large, shaggy dog was breathing noisily with its mouth open," say,
"The sheepdog panted."

Instead of writing, "The girls were excited." Say, "Giggles and screams filled the arena. In anticipation of the event , the girls’..."
Show, Don't Tell Samples
Give life (human traits) to an object
The damp sidewalk caught my tears.

The sorry engine wheezed its death cough.

The brown grass was begging for water.

Cinderella's Castle smiled down on us.

His light saber screams to life.
You end with the same idea you began your paper
Full Circle Examples
My friend's band continued to play as I walked out of the coffee club...
...my friend's band continued to play as I walked down the sad street...

Title of the paper "Grunt"
Last sentence, "As he squeezed my hand, he whispered, "Now this time GRUNT!"
Tight Focus
The story you tell in your essay should cover no
more than one hour of real life time.

I learned to never overeat on Easter Sunday before church.

As I made my way into the coffee club, my friend's band started to play.
Intriguing Opening and
Insightful Ending
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