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Elements of Culture

No description

Leah Grassmuck

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Culture

Elements of Culture Technology Languages Government Economy Education Religion Customs Art Technology is the practical application of knowledge. Technology demonstrates development and growth of a culture through innovative methods. Language: Every culture has language that they speak which gives them the ability to communicate with others. Government: All cultures have government made up of a group of people who make laws, make decisions for war, and collect taxes. Economy is a system of interaction and exchange. Every culture makes money and trades goods with others to sustain their economy. Religion is a specific system of belief or worship often involving a code of ethics. Some cultures have one god and others have many gods. Education: Systems that teach people about religion, language, science, math, and history. Customs are long established practices carried on by tradition. Art: All cultures have art. Some art shows how people have lived and what they believed in. They have made sculptures, pottery, and paintings to depict their history. Social Structures Ethnicity is part of the social structure of a culture. Every culture has a wide range of people grouped by race or nationality which leads to diversity among the culture. Macmillan language arts.com/f/9+elements+of+culture+and+readings.PDF Bibliography Prezi.com Social organization is evident in cultures because there are different classes of people in every culture.
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