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A Letter From the Editor

The Staple: An Integrated Marketing Campaign

Carly Balster

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of A Letter From the Editor

Background Targeting a Market The Staple. Graduated from number one public art institution in the country

1.Experience and completed fashion merchandising curriculum

2.Comprehensive understanding and knowledge to adequately analyze the fashion industry International Travel

1. World travel and experiences
-London, Bermuda, Paris, Costa Rica

2.An insight to various cultural behavior and witness to fashion perspectives and attitudes toward to wardrobe collections and retail consumption Target Market Characteristics Uses/ Usage Situation Competitive Positioning Campaign Objectives This blog will not only collect but also examine individual garments, accessories, “everything and anything” items that deserve a critical second look from a keen eye in fashion.

"The Staplist" as a fashion journalist and opinion leader through creative writing and self-expression. Luxury Retail employment history
1. Seasonal Changes in the Market
2. Retail Business Logistics
3. A fluctuation in consumer Demand
relative to marketing schedule Differentiated Marketing Distinctive Attributes Segmentation + Communication Objectives: Target Segmentation Opportunities Strengths Weaknesses Threats Market Analysis Positioning The Staple Appeal Execution Style Selection of Media
Vehicles Creative Media Strategy Layout Media Schedule Measuring Campaign Effectiveness 1.Cost-effective media outlet, free promotion, advertising, and sponsored events through VCUarts and networking

2.Online source flexibility enables immediate posting, while magazines and print media require a long lead-time.

3.Blog is updated with new informational and influential findings daily to ensure differentiation and relevance within the sporadic fashion market

4.Entering the fashion realm, a new creative source appears non-creditable, but an opportunity to illustrate extensive knowledge will reward personal reflections as expert opinions within the fashion, merchandising, and marketing field. 1.Introducing media source without proper recognition or social media experience may impair brand awareness and ultimately, audience viewership. 1.Due to the popular subjective topic, fashion, clutter among fashion editors and blogosphere is increasingly likely. 1.The internet domain name, WWW.THESTAPLE.COM is available to purchase at an affordable price.

2. A demonstration to expand composition and experience to network and receive the attention from potential employers • A survey of retail intensive market indicators, current news feed, and highlights new designs and retail business operations pertaining to the fashion industry.
• Mergers, store expansion, international trade, impacting weather conditions and cultural influences, economic information, and technological advancements
• Innovators in the rapidly growing and changing fashion world
• Find designers’ creations, collections, and contributions to ready to wear and Haute couture designs
• An introduction to leaders of fashion who represent cutting edge attire
• Recognize stylish figures spotted at fashion events, front row audience, attending fashion runway show, and celebrities and socialites alike
• Note influence themes in fashion and style according to certain eras with a timeline format to illustrate early fashion leaders, trend setting style, and renowned fashion designers
• Share background and progression of notable CEOs, fashion house creative directors, and respected fashion journalists
• Fashion trend forecasting through imagery and creative inspiration
• Historically reference early adoption of fashion and pivotal fashion movements and eras.
• Consider variety in consumers’ nature to adopt trends on the fashion life cycle.
• Depict attitudes and emotional influences in fashion and symbolic meaning behind particular fashion garment to correctly identify designer traits and motivations
• Further analyze the fashion life cycle, adoption rate at each stage and surface reasoning for particular fashion influentials’ likes and dislikes
• Appreciate personal color, design, and style section when redefining self-representation.
• Explore cultural themes in different locations, compare the relation between cultural beliefs, and understand the perceptive of fashion integrators worldwide.
• Identify social norms in society, practice theories and formulas developed to explain human behavior that applies to fashion aspects and retail consumption The website’s appearance is clean, concise, and cohesive.

Careful to represent a staple’s minimal but important function, the web interface encourages viewers to easily search content rather than sift through contextual clutter.

Website subject matter is consolidated by relevancy, assigning similar fashion topics to a shared group. THE STAPLE attaches pictorial content such as classic artwork or vivid photos along with an insightful description.

More frequently, website updates feature staple fashion garments, informing browsers of new designer collections and trends.

Embracing this creative self-expression, few fashionable prospects, advertising a staple item, have the opportunity to upload personal photos to be displayed on the interactive blog, ultimately establishing a conversation with the masses. By analyzing the blogosphere to consider variety between popular fashion bloggers’ style in regards to content and website design and a lacking of a distinct feature may reveal a competitive advantage.

The webpage reflects fashionable inspiration; the online source’s divergent creativity approach exemplifies variation and personal perspective with unique briefs and artistic imagery to capture the viewers’ attention. Consumers seek a specialist, The Staple, when searching and selecting key fashion fundamentals.
Investing in an expensive article of clothing or accessory factors a high-involvement purchase decision that leads consumers to research the market until a sense of value is achieved.
Simplifying the research and elevation process, THE STAPLE conducts necessary primary research to:
compile themes prevalent between recent,creditable resources
Record monumental,notable changes or productivity in subjects relating to the fashion industry
Showcase a strong emphasis on garments and accessories that capture a versatile and multi-functional appeal. •Several techniques will be utilized to track progress and measure audience viewership for THE STAPLE, a user-generated internet blog, •Reach will be determined by website viewer counter, that actively records the number of website browsers. •Since fashion revolves around the use of high-involvement imagery, value but intriguing visual images will be created with the development of an effective advertising approach and merchandising mix. •Visual Images will be displayed on posters lining the VCUarts building, local establishments, and local fashion blog advertisements. •Advertisement in STYLE WEEKLY magazine and distribute business cards at popular Richmond establishments.•The number of user-generated posts, “likes” or commentary will judge coverage posts. Also, by encourage viewers to share options and ideas will act as a supplement as non-paid positive publicity and instant feedback. •Actively evaluate the importance of previous posted material and reflect media website topics that most interest the majority of viewers THE STAPLE sources primary research regarding audience demand and desire to “be in the know” about latest fashion trends and news influencing consumer consumption. The informational blog will record monumental, notable changes, and productivity in subjects relating to the fashion industry; including a strong emphasis on key, functional clothing garments and accessories that capture a versatile and multi-functional appeal. Blog entry updates occur daily to highlight leading news and events that remain relevant with a fashion audience. The user-paced, interactive blog allows viewers to freely browse an archive of past blog documentation and imagery, provide user commentary to be viewed by other blog browsers, and access to a user-friendly medium and e-mail service, evolving around fashionable industry and market trends. Retail consumers establish an emotional bond with certain products or brands. Therefore, Imagery is paired with an interactive learning experience, motivating users to browse entire webpage and post fashion-related commentary. Creative Execution provides personal testimonial within image description and blog composition to promote favored fashion brands. • Technological advancements such as the Internet permits fast, cost-effective medium to showcase personal reflection and interesting information and documentation relevant to the desired target market. •Promote brand efficiently by voicing radio Advertisements with local University broadcast station. •Feature VCUarts sponsored PR events to promote brand awareness and to introduce THE STAPLE to the public eye. •Direct marketing practices include sending subscribers print material of highlights or breaking stories posted on blog website. Weekly E-mail subscriptions include promotional affairs such as contests, and giveaways funded by endorsements from media advertisers; in attempt to reach committed viewers and fund later developments in paper newsletters. •THESTAPLE, fashion blog’s wealth of information can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.
Scheduling communication continuity by updating blog entries with creditable composition and images will be added to the website daily. Media efforts pulsate to intensively cover Fashion Weeks around the world, heavy information release during optimal fashion periods, and as new fashion collections and brands are introduced to the market. The desegmentation method targets several related social groups, sharing similar traits such as retail consumers, fashion enthusiasts and influencers alike.

Blog media attracts vague segments like general clusters that possess an interest in related topics like news, psychology, and fashion industry figures and leaders. Preferably, the specific target market consists of women and men ages 15-30 who share a strong interest for fashion and design. • Increase the number of webpage visits, reaching 4,000 views by September 2013. • Achieve 200 “likes” on facebook page and blog “reposts.” • Provide the target market with immediate, condensed information by composing at least
one blog entry daily. • Purchase the available domain name WWW.THESTAPLE.COM by March 2013 (or as soon
as budget permits website explanation) • As soon as funding is available and number of subscribers increase, supply subscribers with
print material option. • Increase number of e-mail subscriptions to at least 20 subscribers per month. • Increase brand awareness by featuring content on popular local websites such as Style
Weekly, Dirtyrichmond.com, and RVATORUNWAY.COM • Publish survey to “pop-up” at the end of website viewing with incentive to answer questions regarding website design, commentary evaluation, and rate brand equality. • Inquiry the opinions of friends and family before releasing THE STAPLE to the public.
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