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Leveraging Social Media to Cultivate Champions for National Service

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Nate Treffeisen

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Leveraging Social Media to Cultivate Champions for National Service

Leveraging Social Media to Cultivate Champions for National Service

Messaging Challenges
Why be on social media?
Strategies to Engage Champions
Best Practices for Implementation
Tim Smith
Communications Director
Nate Treffeisen
National Mobilization Manager
Voices for National Service
Messaging Challenges
Connecting the federal investment
Public-Private Partnership
"National" Service
"Nice, not necessary"
Why be on Social Media?
Telling your story has
Strengthen your brand
Build an audience
Elevate national service
Build service champions
12,000 users
50,000 mentions
58 million impressions
Cultivating Champions of National Service
Educating Elected Officials
Not only is it allowed, but a civic duty
Funding History
What's been successful?
Making the local case to protect & grow CNCS funding is absolutely critical

Integrating Social Media into overall engagement strategy
100% of the Senate and 90% of the House are on Twitter
In 1993, Senator John McCain voted against the creation of the AmeriCorps and backed efforts to zero-out funding.

Creative Strategies to Engage & Build Champions
Lets Make this Easy
What are you already doing that can be shared on social media?

Repurposing annual report stories, graphics, photos, charts, data, and stakeholder quotes
Collecting stories from corps members and volunteers
Taking photos at events
Crowdsource Content
Create and join conversations
Listen for more
Clear pathways for your audience engagement
Be photogenic!
Use infographics
Best Practices for Implementation
Get the timing right
Be relevant
Trust the data!
Corps Member Regulations and Trainings
Senator Tom Harkin
Senator Kelly Ayotte
20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps
Who to Follow

Contact Us:
Nate Treffeisen

Tim Smith
Find this presentation:
How to make a presentation like this:
Visit Tip: Sign up for a nonprofit account!
FAQ from CNCS on allowable legislative activities:
Sample Social Media Policy for National Service Organizations:
Engaging Elected Officials with Social Media One Pager:
Create simple and free infographics:
Schedule tweets on Twitter: or
Save web pages for later with Pocket:
Stay up to date on an issue with Google Alerts:
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