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Body Image and Substance Abuse

No description

Bianca Styles

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Body Image and Substance Abuse

Diet Pills Steroids Laxatives Diuretic Ingredients in diet pills are Sibutramine,
Phentermine, and Orlistat. Sibutramine is usually treatment for exogenous obesity. Phentermine is a appetite suppressant, Orlistat is a drug that is designed to treat obesity. People might take diet pills because they would like to lose weight but there are affects. There are many affects in diet pills but the ones I chose to me are more interesting, you can lose vitamins and nutrients, get high blood pressure..Ext. Normally diet pills are around 40-90 dollars.

Celebrity's that take/took diet pills-
Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Megan Fox
Mike Sorrentino Ext. Some of the ingredients in Steroids are testosterone, Sarsaparilla root, but that's mostly in Anabolic Steroids. Someone would want to take steroids because it makes you taller and stronger but the side affects are gynecomastia ( growing breasts), liver damage, acne, but the side affects go away after you stop taking steroids.Anabolic Steroids cost about 60 - 150 dollars per bottle

Celebrities that took/take steroids-
Charlie Sheen
Christian Bale
Ext. some ingredients in Diuretic are hydrochlorothiazide, furosemide, metaolazone, and eplereone. Diuretic is a drug that promotes the production of urine. This drug is often used for people that are suffering from eating disorders, mostly bulimics. They use it to try to lose weight. This drug also forces the body to expel water and sodium from the kidney. It just makes you lose weight because of water and sodium lose. This drug is also known as
"The Water Pill". The cost of Diuretic is around 11-20 or 20-35.

Some celebrities that have used or use diuretics are:
Marilyn Monroe
Julie Michaelson
Ext. Resources Body Image and Substance Abuse Some of the ingredients in laxatives are aloe vera, casanthranol , danthrone, fructan, magnesium citrate, methylcellulose, poloaxamer 188, psyllium, sodium, bicartbonate..ext. Someone might take Laxatives to lose weight because Laxatives purge the body of waste.
Some celebrities that have suffered from using laxatives are-
Anna feilds
Bethany Frankie
For example, a box of
ex-lax Maximum Strength Stimulant Laxative -- 25 mg - 24 Pills
Free Shipping $25 or More. Simple Plan:Crazy http://www.muscleandstrength.com
http://www.marieclaire.com Body Image The people that use these substances are unhappy with their bodys. Using these drugs is the easy, unhealthy way for losing weight. The healthy way would be having a healthy diet and being activte. I cant even pronounce most of the ingredients, and i beileve you shouldnt put anything in your body you cant pronounce unless there is a medical reason.
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