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Racism and Stereotypes

By: Weizhen and Lisa

Grapey Grape

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Racism and Stereotypes

Stereotypes Have you ever been judged differently because of stereotypes?
Maybe your black, and people avoid you, because they think you're violent.
Or maybe you're asian, and people think you're a nerd.
Those are stereotypes. What do you think when you see this black person? What about this asian girl? Lots of people think
blondes are stupid. Again, this is
a stereotype. Not all
blondes are stupid, they
too can be smart. Racism Everyday.... People are being
insulted..... Because of their skin colour.... Race.... and their culture. We need to take
action!!!!! Racism is when you hurt or insult someone
because of their culture, or skin colour.
It's when you are being mean for a stupid reason.
Skin colours make us look different, but we're all
the same inside. Many people are racist to black people. However, there is nothing wrong with having black skin. What difference does it make? Skin colour doesn't change who you are inside. And isn't that the only thing that really matters??? President Obama may be
black, but he's very successful. This proves having black skin means NOTHING. STOP RACISM AND STEREOTYPES!!!!D:<
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!~!! Racism is a serious problem, and we need
it to stop, as well as stereotypes. Everyone in this world should have equal rights, and everyone should have freedom.
Even if you have black skin, who cares?!?!!?!? You deserve freedom too, and you have the same feelings as others too.
This time, everyone needs to take action! EVERYONE DESERVES THE SAME RIGHTS! NO MORE RACISM! NO MORE STEREOTYPES! stereotypoes

racism racism stereotypes racism stereotypes LET'S TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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