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Timeline of major events in Muhammad's life

Tylyn Rikimaru, Tori Valdivia, Jessi Gratz

Tylyn Rikimaru

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of major events in Muhammad's life

By: Tylyn Tori, and Jessi Muhammad's Life. 570 AD 610 AD Muhammad was born in Mecca 575 AD Muhammad becomes an orphan at age 5.
He was placed in the protection of his grandfather, Abdul Al-Muttalib. Muhammad in Mecca.

His grandfather died in 578. He was placed in the care of his uncle. 578 AD He married Khadija. She proposed marriage to him. She was 40 and he was 25. They had 6 kids, two died at infancy and they had four daughters. 595 AD Muhammad had his first Revelation. He fasted on Mount Hira at age 40. It was through an angel who he thought was Gabriel that commanded him to recite the Quran. 632 AD Death. He had died from a brief illness in Medina after his return. 613 AD He took his beliefs to the public.
He started to share his revelation on the mountain. People didn't agree with him, he had to flee Mecca. 622 AD His followers from Medina had migrated to Yathrib. They expanded from there.
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