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Pfeiler, Wisner


Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Pfeiler, Wisner

Facts Plants wheather Animals Continents Grass,Sod Clumps,Clones,Purple Corn Flowers,Wheat and Corn,Shrubs,Wild Flowers. Average yearly rainfall is 25 to 75 cm.
(10 to 25 inch.) Our ecosystem is located on North America, South America, Eroupe,Asia, and Africa. Grasslands Bison,Lions,leopards,zebras,mice,prairie dogs,deer,fox,all sorts of birds and insects. Grassland have many names like steppes,prairies and pampas. Grasslands are found in every continent except Antarctica. They are usually flat or have rolling hills. Savanna's are very similar to grasslands, almost the same thing. Some grassland areas are now used for farming. Grasslands have only one rain season. Some grasslands are perfect for grazing cattle and sheep. one very large steeppe is called great plains. How people affect our ecosystem. Right now Chicago and Los Angelous was actually built on grasslands. this is what they are doing to affect our ecosystem,they keep building houses,buildings,and etc. The temprature for the summer is 30 degrees C.
The temprature for winter is 0 degrees C. Size of our Ecosystem 3,175 Kilometers Natural Resources Grass,Plants, Shrubs,Trees,Trees,Animals and rocks.
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