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Cake Decorating

No description

Shelbi Baker

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating
By: Shelbi Baker
"I think of myself as a beginner. Sometimes that's the whole joy. If you could just do it, there'd be no point in doing it." ~Wayne Thiebaud
In this presentation, I will explain what I have learned over the course of my senior quest.
What if you could eat what you create?
Why I chose this topic
I want to apply visual art to something useful. This is possible through baking.
Background knowledge
Decorating is entirely new to me. What I've learned through this experience is the majority of my knowledge.
I researched the history and culture of cake decorating, as well as different techniques to creating cakes. I did this through the use of the internet and the knowledge of my mentor.
My Mentor
My mentor is Mrs. Hattie Thompson.
She has decorated for over thirty years and owns a catering business with her sisters.
My Project
I baked and decorated a 2-tier Spring Valley themed cake
I want to thank everyone who helped me with my senior quest and the judges for their time. I had a great experience and learned so much more than I thought I would.
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Little Cake icons made by UntitledJoy on Deviantart. :)
I'm extremely grateful to have worked with her and appreciate all she's done to help me.
Future Plans
I plan to own and run my own cake shop
I have made it a long term goal to become a White House pastry chef.
Most cake decorators don't need any type of degree
It's a good idea to go to culinary school
It's possible to continue to a 4 year college for a degree in business
Cuts and burns
Inedible decorations
Job Outlook
Job Description
Cakes were improved in 17th Century Europe
Cake was invented in medieval times
Inventions of the temperature controlled oven and icing
Practice Cakes
Cake decorators in WV make around $21000 a year
Cake decorators in NY make $47000 a year
Requires skill and precision
Better with experience
Sometimes very stressful and time consuming
Depends on place of employment
Employment increase expected
Ability to take on apprentices
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