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Released from Prison: Where to Next?

HOD 2500 Literacy Project Kaitlyn Ramon Caroline Warren

Caroline Warren

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Released from Prison: Where to Next?

Released from Prison: Where to next?
Target Population: Problem: Men are released from prison and have no family, no hope, and no future available to them. -Adult males who are released from the Tennessee Department of Corrections. -18 to 50 year old males. HOD 2500
Professor Vera Chatman
Kaitlyn Ramon and Caroline Warren -all racial populations Definitions: Prison: Correctional facility for those convicted of a felony Jail: Correctional facility for those convicted of a lesser crime
-stay of less than 1 year Recividism: the act of committing a crime after being released from prison Rehabilitation: To restore someone to their former state The DISMAS HOUSE A Halfway house that reintegrates former prisoners into society Reintegrates society to the former prisoners Helps find employment and provides housing for the prisoners Creates a community Kaitlyn's intervention: -Revamping the Dismas House's brochure
-Brochure for the general public with pictures of the house,
as well as information
-Brochures available to general public as well as possible employers
for the men Caroline's intervention: -Creating a flyer about the Dismas House
-Lots of pictures, easy to read
-For the prisoners about to receive parole
-Ease anxiety of leaving and give them idea of what the house is
-Explains to prisoners what the Dismas House has to offer Statistics -1 in 100 people are incarcerated in America
-91% of people in prison are men
-In 2003, the recidivism rates were at 42%
-Probability of getting a job after prison decreases as time goes on
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