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Christelle and Jasmin

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Christelle and Jasmin

Medal of Honor
The Medal of honor is the highest award in the military . It's given to soldiers by the president. It was originally given to the Navy . It then was given to the Army , and the Air Force . Less than 3,500 people have received the award , and only one has been a woman.
Robert Dale Maxwell
Maxwell received the Medal of honor for
his heroic actions September 7 , 1944.
Maxwell and 3 other soldiers defended the battalion observation post. Against an overwhelming onslaught by enemy
infantrymen in platoon strength. Despite fire automatic weapons and grenade launchers . Maxwell fought off advancing enemies . Inspiring his fellow soldiers in the dangerous struggle.

Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker received the Medalof Honor for her work during the civil war. She has been the only woman to receive the award . At the outbreak of the civil war , she volunteered in Washington to join the Union effort. She worked as a nurse in the capitol. In 1862, she went to Virginia to provide medical care to the wounded. Dr. Mary Walker was an outspoken advocate for woman rights.
John Baca
John Baca received the Medal of
honor for his heroic actions in the Vietnam war. During the war , Baca led his team through the hail of enemy fire. To a firing position within the patrols defensive perimeter . As they prepared to engage the enemy , a grenade was thrown into the midst of the patrol. Baca was aware the danger it would cause to his fellow soldiers . He covered the grenade with his own steel helmet and fell on it . His courageousness saved 8 men from certain serious injuries and death.
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady received the Medal of
honor because of his skills as a pilot and courageously saving people. Brady served in the U.S Army . One important dangerous mission led to Brady getting the medal of honor. Brady had to fly to an area where no one had ever entered . To pick up injured patients . Once landed he was getting shot at , and the plane was leaking gasoline . But was still flyable he manage to fly it to the base.
How did the recipients show
honor through their actions ?

they all volunteered to help the U.S Army
they all work to save others lives
they all have been recognized for their heroic actions or they served our country well
How did the recipients show
they all have watched out or taken care of a fellow soldier
they all have inspired others they have fought with or represented for to keep fighting and never give up
How have the recipients show valor ?
they all been in various dangerous situations
they all have put others before themselves in risky situations where major injuries or death can happen
How have the recipients show courage ?

they all have face the enemy and never back down
all have risk their safety for others
all have done their heroic actions to really help others not for show but because they really mean it
all have faced the enemy and haven't give up nor back down
all have volunteered or join to help our country knowing they have to face major problems and danger
These soldiers have contributed so much by fighting and helping our U.S country from its enemies. Knowing how much danger and risk is involve in what they do. They have been recognize for the heroic actions they've done . By receiving the highest award , The Medal Of Honor . Which is only given by the president . They've shown honor , courage , patriotism , and valor through their actions . In my opinion if they never did the actions they have done , most important battles from the past . Would have occurred differently causing a difference in our world right now . Being American comes with its advantages and it's disadvantages . Your a free person who can work and go to school or do whatever you feel like you want to (as long as it's legal) . But being American comes with its negatives with our society regarding issues such as wars and people who don't want to see us Americans succeed .
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