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Online Research

No description

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Online Research

The Internet
Prominent Websites for Research
In The News
Invented at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in January of 1996.
"The first search engines found websites according to how the search term appeared on the site"
Google worked more efficiently because Page and Brin came up with a formula to measure a site' importace by seeing how many other pages we linked to it.
Google Now
Google is the leading provider of internet information.
Worth about 250 Billion dollars.
5,134,000,000 number of google searches per day in 2012.

A Growing Problem
Examples of Cyberbullying
Effects of Social Media on Jobs
In 2000, 6% of young people had been bullied while online
2004- 42%
Results of Cyberbullying
School Grades Dropping
Skipping School
Avoiding Social Activities
Suspension from school
Expulsion from school
Court Mandated Programs
Community Service
Awareness Programs
Juvenile Detention
-37% hiring managers screen potential employees on social media
-65% Facebook
-16% Twitter
-1/3 hiring managers found a problem on social media that caused them to reject the candidate
United States
Main Reason
88% of kids see cyberbullying happening
55% see their peers ignoring cyberbullying
Two Florida girls, 12 and 14, were charged with felonies of aggravated stalking after 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide from their threats and demeaning comments
Group 12
Grayson Garrick
Muriel Lee
Madison Owens
Christen Reeser

Donni Robinson
Cinthia Rowlett
Colby Skoog
Brittany Wilt
Savannah Wright
How It All Began
History of the Internet

- no single "inventor", but an evolution
- started as a government weapon in the Cold War
- October 4, 1957 the Soviets launched first man made satellite into orbit
-are they getting ahead of us on technology?
- ARPAnet, the "galactic network"
- 1991 Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web
-created the internet that we
know today

49% employers won't hire due to alcohol & drug related posts
-Talking badly about previous employers

-Lying about qualifications

-Not being able to write well

-Discriminatory remarks toward

What to do when applying for a job
-Make all accounts private

-Untag distasteful pictures without removing all personality from your profile

-Watch what you post & retweet

-Polish up your information
-About you on Facebook
-Bio section on Twitter
-Use to check how candidates present themselves in a personal setting- want someone who will represent their company professionally
Made up Theories and events
Identity Theft
Socialist Hair
Panty Raid
Emu War
Worlds Funniest Joke
Truthful Infomation
Identity Theft happens when someone steals your information and uses it without your permission
Activated on February 14th, 2005.
Became very popular in 2006.
100,000,000 Videos viewed daily
65,000 videos uploaded daily
Purchased by Google in October of 2006
Phishing Scams
Using Chat rooms to spread Trojan Horses
Websites that store information
Not Just Entertainment
What To Do If It Happens
Flag your credit reports- Call one of the nationwide credit reporting companies, and ask for a fraud alert on your credit report.
Order your credit reports- Read your reports carefully to see if the information is correct.
Create an identity theft report- this can help you get fraudulent information removed from your credit report, stop a company from collecting debts caused by identity theft, and get information about accounts a thief opened in your name.
How to Avoid it

Don’t respond to email, text, and phone messages that ask for personal information

Use websites that protect your financial information with encryption

Use anit-virus and anti- spyware software, and a firewall on your computer.
Growth of Internet Usage
Impact of Internet Usage
The availability of internet through not only computers but smartphones and tablets has added to the increase of internet usage
2000-2012 in US
: there has been a
growth of internet users
Internet usage in the world
: in
there were
internet users and in
internet users conveying a
566.4 %
increase in growth
Large companies turning towards internet to use social media as a method to gain support and target specific audiences
, research revealed
users log into their account every day
availability of internet has made it possible for all ages to have access to social networking
over 5 million
users are under the age of ten
A Study revealed that You
reaches more adults than any cable network
Availability of Internet
Internet Usage
Dangers of the Location Setting
Strangers can see where you are according to the location setting on the apps you use.
This has led to stalking, burglary,theft from vehicles and sexual assault.
Strangers can see where you are and what you're doing on certain apps.
Checking in somewhere can make you vulnerable to stalkers and theft.
Checking in during a vacation makes people aware that you are very far from home.
Never check in at home and reveal the location of where you live.
Steps You Can Take
Make sure your privacy settings are up to date on all of your apps.
Don't share with twitter/facebook your every thought.
Don't check into the same place at the same time everyday.
Make sure your apps aren't linked to each other.

Online Predators
The virtual preying of children by anonymous adults is a prominent issue in todays society
Popular shows like NBC Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator” highlight issue
Updated research suggests the danger of being the victim of online predation is lower than generally expected

In fact, children may garner more benefits than harm from time spent online
Online Predators
Online Dating
Online relationships are progressively becoming a more popular means of meeting a romantic partner
1 in 10 Americans have used an online dating site or app
Most common for adults in their mid 20’s to mid 40’s
In 2005, 44% of people agreed that online dating was an acceptable way to meet a partner. In 2013 59% of people agreed that online dating was acceptable
An 8 point decline in people who though that online daters are desperate, from 29% in 2005 to 21% today
Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
Expansion of Online Dating Sites
Dangerous Information
Department of Homeland Security forced to release list of words monitored on social media.
-includes words like assassination, nuclear, terrorism, Airport, and Attack
Debate as to whether or not government should be allowed to monitor private chats and web searches.
Web History can be used as evidence against you.
Massachusets woman's google search history led police to gather hard evidence against her.
Sarah McLoud was arrested for robbing a bank and distribution of heroin
Search history contained "what happens if you rob a bank?", "what happens if you rob a house", and "what happens if you rob a drug dealer"
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