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Mike Brown


Kamal Ahmed

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Mike Brown

RE/MAX Integrity MikeBrownHomes.com has Changed 1. 90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process.

2. Real Estate related searches on Google.com has grown 253% over the past 4 years.

3. 69% of home shoppers who take action use a national known real estate brand.

4. Today’s home Shoppers are likely to conduct their research both online and offline

5. 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research 6. 70% of consumers use video to tour the inside of homes.

7. 86% of consumers use video find out more about a specific community.

8. YouTube is the Top Video Research Destination for Home Shoppers.

9. Typical Home Buyers take 3 months to buy.

10. TV, billboards, and print channels play minimal role in research and decision-making process for home shoppers. Marketing your home Thank You for the Opportunity to be considered as your partner in selling you home. I'm here To attract the most amount of buyers to your property and Get you the highest net equity check. I have two Jobs Execute The Best Marketing For Your Property Appeal to Real Estate Community Appeal to Buyers Ensure Smooth Transaction Constant communication and responsiveness Prompt negotiation Inspections/Disclosures 4 things to discuss TODAY How Buyers Found Their Home ……….--and how I attract them 90% Of home buyers use the Internet to locate homes for sale. The Internet is critical….If you list with me, your home will appear on all the top national, regional, and hundreds of other websites via syndication. ... is the #1 searched Real Estate website in the country and our region. .... is the #2 site in the Puget Sound, and is the most searched brand keyword, behind Realtor.com but when you list with me, your home will be an “enhanced listing” which includes multiple photos, a virtual tour, expanded marketing description, and enhanced placement on their websites. Less than 5% of real estate agents enhance their listings. In addition, your home will appear on all the local real estate company websites through the cooperative agreement with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service Billions of dollars have been spent promoting the RE/MAX brand After REALTOR.com, RE/MAX.com is the most marketed real estate website in North America. We have more advertising dollars to TV, radio, print, and internet search engine placement than all other major brands combined. Benefits FURTHERMORE, is translated into 35 languages. CLASSIFIED Posting your property every 48 hours on sites like Craigslist until your property actually sells. Social Media A marketing plan that allows us to Tweet about your property, post your property on fan pages, run ads on Facebook, videos about your property on YouTube to make sure no matter where somebody goes in the social landscape online that they’re going to find your property SERVICES ....because brokers provide professional feedback on how well your home shows and may possibly have a buyer. Massive Email Marketing Plan Agent E-flyers sent out regularly to thousands of Local Top Producing Agents with clients looking in your area is Essential Time is precious. Increasingly, the decision to physically view your home is made by Buyers and Agents after previewing your home on the Internet. Pictures sell it online first! and driving buyers to the RE/MAX website. Marketing Communication Servicing and Accountability High Quality Virtual Tours Great for posting to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Included on your listing and many other websites Not only will your listing be posted on these Big 4 National Referral Network RE/MAX Network of more than 90,000 Agents – 6,356 Offices – 90 Countries Constant Follow-up with agents that brought clients to your home through HomeFeedback.com Personal Networking with Regional and National Agents Price 40% From the Internet
36% From Agents
11% Yard/Open House Signs
6% Friends, Family, or Neighbors
4% New Home Builders
1% Print Ad
2% Direct From Seller Advertising That Attracts Buyers NETWORKING How Buyers Found Their Home 11% Yard/Open House Signs Property Brochures We’ll put your home’s best features on display. This includes moving a picture of the front of your home to a smaller role. Why? The buyer is already standing in front of the house. It is what they cannot see that will stir some interest. Full Color, Feature Rich How Buyers Found Their Home Friends, Family, or Neighbors You’ll have a postcard that will go to your neighbors..they may have a friend or relative interested. # # Professional Photography 6% Postcard Property Cards are mini-brochures and offer a unique marketing piece. A four-panel, 3.5" x 4" piece folds in half to a standard business card size, and is perfect for handing out to your friends, family, and co-workers. This percentage is actually growing because of Social Networking. You will have the ability to post your home “For Sale” on your social networks. How Buyers Found Their Home New Home Builders Our competition…but not everyone wants new construction so I let the site agents in the area know of your home. 4% Print Ad - TV , billboards, and print channels play minimal role in research and decision-making process for home shoppers. I focus much of that budget on targeted marketing of your home via Google Ad Words, and Neighborhood flyers. 1% Direct from Seller 2% I’ve helped facilitate these transactions as well. But what about servicing and accountability? We’ve heard about agents listing a home and making promises that were never fulfilled. $1,500 For this reason, I even up the ante more by delivering a It’s almost unheard of in the real estate industry! Performance Guarantee Professional interior and exterior property photography
Input home listing into the MLS
Install RE/MAX “for sale” sign with brochure box
Install lockbox at your property
Complete virtual tour
Submit home listing to Realtor.com, RE/MAX.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com
Post your home using Social Media, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter Post your home on Real Estate Book online
Set up Homefeedback.com
Broker Open House (if schedule permits)
Bulk email marketing to Top Producing Agents
Deliver “for sale” cards to give to your friends, co-workers, and family
Deliver customized property brochures to your home
Establish website and domain name for property
Update seller on activity on property
Call Stager if needed
Post brochures at office. for failure to do the following in the first 10 days $1500 Don’t get caught with a “3P” agent. Put it in the mls, Put up a sign, and Prayer doesn’t work; every Seller needs an aggressive agent. Communication The key to every successful relationship. Also, …. is the number one complaint from a Seller about their agent. My Relationship Commitment Includes: My days I promise to communicate with you in the method you determine Mondays/Thursdays: My exclusive notification system of new competing properties to you when they hit the market. MarketAlert My exclusive comprehensive analysis of the competition and your position in the marketplace every 14 days. Market14 A synopsis of the events of the week The Friday Report Our web-integrated showing feedback system that details the opinions of the buyers and agents that look at your home with graphical summation Homefeedback.com Same day response to your calls I will pay you at closing; Thank You 40% From the Internet –Visibility & Polished Presentation are Key My Reputation & Networking Count How Buyers Found Their Home Real Estate Agents 36% Pricing right at the beginning results in Higher offers
Less inconvenience
A more timely sale Buyers are looking for maximum value What determine value? Market conditions
Condition Pricing The role of real estate agent in pricing The market determines value.
I will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.
Together, we determine the asking price. Pricing The role of market conditions in pricing Are we in a buyer's or seller's market?
Are prices going up or down?
How will either impact my plans?
How many homes like mine are currently for sale and what is their impact? Just how much are buyers prepared to pay for a home like yours? Pricing My Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) considers recently sold, comparable homes as well as homes with which your home will be competing. It will help us determine the optimum asking price for your property. Maximizing value We can't control market conditions. competition, location or size.Our focus will be on factors we can control to get maximum value: Price
marketing for maximum exposure. We will get the most showings with the first 2 weeks, that’s why we need to be priced right at the beginning. Pricing Strategies 1. Price Right=Offer
2. Showings & No Offers 4-6% Off
3. Low Showings 6-12% off
4. Drive By's Only=12+% Off Ready to get started? I AM. Pricing Getting the price right RE/MAX Integrity MikeBrownHomes.com
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