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Katy C

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Florida

Florida Geographical Florida's State Motto State Symbols Orange Blossom State Flower State Bird Mockingbird State Mammal Dolphin By Katy Florida State Flag State Fruit Orange State Map State Square Mileage: 65,755 square miles
State Population: 19,317,568
Capital City: Tallahassee
Capital Population: 182,965 Suwannee River Features Miami Beach When the state flag of Florida was first created, it was only the state seal centered on a field of white. In 1900, St. Andrew's cross was added to the flag so it wouldn't look like a truce of surrender when not flying proudly. Average High Temperatures January: 81˚F July: 93˚F Florida is bordered by the states Alabama and Georgia. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean can be found respectively to the west and east. To the south lays a foreign country, the Bahamas. May 6, 2013 State Weather Precipitation: 60 inches Severe Weather 1) thunderstorms 4) rainstorms 7) hurricanes
2) cold waves 5) cold waves 8) floods
3) windstorms 6) tornadoes State History Easter, 1513 1565 1763 1824 1845 1910 Juan Ponce de Léon discovers Florida. England is given Florida as part of an agreement. St. Augustine is established. Tallahassee becomes the capital. Florida becomes a U.S. state. The Great Migration begins. The Everglades State Government Governor Representatives Senators 40 26 Republican 14 Democrat 25 19 Republicans 6 Democrat Richard Lynn Scott Agriculture and Economy Agricultural Products Economy 1) Oranges 3)Limes
2) Lemons 4) Grapefruits Hotels Traveling Entertainment Famous Floridians Gloria Estefan is part of the Miami Sound Machine. Carl Hiaasen wrote the books Hoot, Scat, and Flush. Tim Tebow was the quarterback of the New York Jets, but grew up in Jacksonville. Republican NASA, or the John F. Kennedy Space Center was the first place in the world to put a man on the moon. You can see rockets being launched from close by. You can visit and tour its many installations. The duration depends on the tickets you buy. Some can last for an hour while others last for 1 or 2 days.
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