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The Weeknd

No description

Kristen Britton

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of The Weeknd

Kristen Britton
Mrs Hamilton
The Weeknd

The Weeknd?
The literary style of The Weeknd shocked contemporary listeners and changed the sound of music in Britain for years to come.
Name: Abel Tesfaye
(The Weeknd)
Born: Feburary 16, 1990
Who Is HE?
Tesfaye says he adopted the stage name, "The Weeknd," after dropping out of high school at the age of 17 and, along with a fellow crew-member, "left one weekend and never came home." The spelling was modified to avoid copyright issues with a Canadian band already named "The Weekend"
Abel Tesfaye known by his stage name "The Weeknd", is a Canadian PBR&B recording artist and record producer.

House of Balloons (2011)
Thursday (2011)
Echoes of Silence (2011)
Trilogy (2012)
Kiss Land (2013)
Album Covers
I have chosen to analyze the artwork of artist ‘the weeknd’ as his style of music is reflected cleverly through the visual work on his album, covers, and videos
The images that he uses is a cliché vintage style photograph of mostly women presented in a different era. I really appreciate the contrast of this work compared to other artists of the same genre. (e.g. Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj etc..) as it allows the audience to enjoy the audio elements to his work along with the visual style as well.
Analysis Continued..
Early Life
The Weeknd was born in Scarborough, Ontario. He is of Ethiopian descent.He grew up listening to a variety of music genres, including soul, quiet storm, hip hop, funk, indie rock, and post-punk. Since Tesfaye's father was never around when he was growing up, and his mother was constantly working, his grandmother took care of him most of his young life. Because of this, He speaks fluent Amharic; it was the first language he learned.
Beginning Of Career
In Toronto, Tesfaye met producer Jeremy Rose, who had an idea for a dark R&B musical project called "The Weekend". After trying to pitch the idea to musician Curtis Santiago, Rose played one of his instrumentals for Tesfaye, who freestyled over it, and they began working on an album. He produced three songs—"What You Need", "Loft Music", and "The Morning"
In July, the Weeknd embarked on a tour and delivered his first performance at the Mod Club in Toronto. The hour-and-a-half long performance created buzz about him. His next performance took place at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. He collaborated with rapper Drake and appeared as one of the special guests to Drake’s 2nd Annual OVO Fest on July 31, 2011.
Lyrical Analysis
The Song The Zone by The Weeknd, Is about a guy who's hurt and just broken, from a relationship. This song is basically saying all he's been doing to cope with the pain of the break-up is self medicating til he can't "feel a damn thing" & that even though he's about to "have sex" or "hook-up" with somebody else in the song, he's only doing it cause he's been extremely lonely and he's going to fantasize about having sex with the girl he's heartbroken over anyways..
Documented Outline
Body Paragraph one: Biography
Topic Sentence: How he came into his success
He struggled after he dropped out of highschool
Transition Sentence: His potential led him to success
B.) Support 2
He is very wealthy now & famous
Body Paragraph two: Lyric Meaning
Topic Sentence: What is the meaning Behind the lyrics
A.) Support 1
In the song hes clearly heart broken, & is willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of the pain

Documented Outline Continued
IV Body Paragraph Three: Influences
1.) Topic Sentence: Who were his Influences?
A.) Support 1
Tupac, Drake, Lauren Hill
2.) Transition Senrence
How hes now influencing others.
B.) Support2 :
He is a role model to people who want to make it out of the struggle.
Literary Devices found within The Weeknd's Lyrics
[Verse 1: The Weeknd]
Don't apologize, I quite enjoy messy
I see that bottle after bottle got you goin' crazy
And doin' shows after shows got me so lazy
So ride it out for me, and take it off for me
It's a good vibe, good vibe, good vibe
Don't you ever threaten niggas with a good time
She wanna buy a dream, I said I don't sell it
But she can rent it for a night, I don't mind, open wide
Cause all this fame, I earned it, I might as well use it
Private elevator goin' straight to my unit
Can't nobody stop me, used to be homeless
Now that penthouse at the Ritz where my home is
Tour bus like a National Geographic
B****** runnin' wild gettin' faded in the bathroom
She possessed a cold fire in her eyes
like she could actually be mine
im the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain.
Literary Devices Found Within The Lyrics
Hook: The Weeknd]
It makes me smile, it makes me smile
Cause I got it
It makes me smile, it makes me smile
Cause I got it
Repetition = Blue
Oxymoron= Red
Personification= Pink
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