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The Strokes

No description

Anamarie Delgado

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of The Strokes

History Of the Band Albert Hammond Jr. Nick Valensi Julian Casablancas Nikolai Fraiture Born: April 9, 1980
Age : 32 Born: June 2, 1980 Born : August 23, 1978 Born : January 19, 1981 Born: November 13, 1978 Fabrizio Moretti Went to a boarding school in Switzerland at the age of 13, where he met Julian Casablancas his fellow band member. He play the guitar, vocals and the piano Not only is he apart of The Strokes but he has his own solo work Age: 32 As a teenager he went to Dwight school, with fellow member Nick Valensi and Julian Casablancas Fabrizio was born in Brazil , He moved to New York City when he was five. He Plays the Drum in the Band and contributes to the song writing Age:34 He was born in New York City , his father was the founder of Elite Model Management John Casablancas and his mother was Jeanette Christiansen a former danish model. He is the lead vocals in the band and writes
all the songs on the albums He never finished school, and his inspiration was Lou Reed. Age :32 Born in New York City , his mother french and his father is Tunisian. He has an older sister and a younger sister. He quoted once, that he really understood music when he started playing with Julian as is band member He plays Lead Guitar and often rhythm guitar in the band Age:34 He was born in New York City, his mother is Russian and his father is french. He has an older brother and sister and received his first bass at 19 He plays the Bass in the band. The Strokes are an indie rock band created in 1999 Julian created the band, and there first performance was in a local club in New York. Ryan Gentles a booker at the club decided to quit his job to become their manager. The band started to Rehearse songs that they have written and their manager decided to send it to Rough Trade Records. As of today they are popular in the UK and the US and currently have 5 albums. Released in 2001 Released in 2002 Released in 2005 Released in 2010 released in 2013
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